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    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    Pede :ewan: Thanks mate :lui:
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    Curswine 2GK Kits II

    Still the topclass kit maker :kader: ....Superb kits dude :) :hump:
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    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    Pete will you pleeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee make the new atletico home kit....away aswell but i dont no how it looks so.... Look here.....GettyImages due Kezman's presentation And.... Here...Dueo Kezman's presentation official Atletico site Thanks dude....hope you can do them fast :)
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    Generic GK kits

    Good to see that the community is sharing their stuff these days...good work both :)
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    --<<.Hrvoje's FACES Editing Thread!.>>--

    Oh yea....this is even worth loggin in, good old times...he quited again...WAHAY!
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    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    Still in form.....lovely kits petey
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    (faces maker) face thread

    Hey dude, over at FIFA International we are pretty impressed by your work so far. As a mather a fact we are willing to add you to our crew. Please add me to msn or send me a PM, whetever its a yes or a no. ( MSN= [email protected] )
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    The Revolution [MarcKit] 2005

    How sweet :D
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    New Kit Website Launched!

    Well done John :)
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    CyreX's SIG Thread

    Thanks m8 :)
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    F.C. Barcelona Thread [2004-2005]

    Atleast he did:mrpimp:
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    Sinix's Sig Thread

    What? Italian mafia!:mrpimp:
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    the AJAX AMSTERDAM Thread

    The NOS confirms it:
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    UEFA Cup: AJ Auxerre-Ajax [P+R]

    That would be ****!? If i say that ''blablabla in a banana tree'' then i am a racist? Anyway, as far as i know Ajax did search the guy who made the sign. Well, ontopic: Ajax play fo0cking terrible, it's time that we get a new coach cos who is gonna bring in a youngster in de dying 10 minutes...
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    Sinix's Sig Thread

    Good sigs for an amateur
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    Joey's Mini kits

    Thanks for uploading Marijn :) Real Madrid Home Away
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    CyreX's SIG Thread

    Dude, lon time no seen:D ANy change of getting me a sig with Adriano? Here 2 pics
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    Joey's Mini kits

    Thanks guys, soon il do some more. And Vazelos everybody does it on another way actually; So just give it a try and you will be fine.
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    Matthijs's 2GK Kit Thread