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    Scottish Premier League 2006/2007 [R]

    You are a disgrace to anyone with Irish heritage and to Celtic, your not a supporter, you'r a joke. I would bet my house that you weren't even in the UK when Bloody Sunday occured, you probably werent even born.
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    Scottish Premier League 2006/2007 [R]

    O'dea = Superstar
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    Major new investment in Celtic?.....

    things take time
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    Scottish Premier League 2006/2007 [R]

    paolo-fcb you, are a twit.
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    UCL: Battle of Britain a.k.a Celtic v Manutd [P]+[R]

    Ohhhhhh doesnt it feel good, Celtic into the second round, cop that arrogant united fans, too busy thinking about the chealsea game. :clapwap: :D :D :D :D
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    Scottish Premier League 2006/2007 [R]

    Den, your obsession with Celtic is truely intense, i congratulate you on taking such an interest in the club (Y) Also not having been on here for a while, looking back on all the love for PLG, im starting to see where it all came from, PLG is truely a star.
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    Scottish Premier League 2006/2007 [R]

    Mon the hibbies! (H)
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    Uefa Champions League: Man Utd Vs Celtic [p]+[r]

    Aww den, have a cry... :nape:
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    Scottish Premier League 2006/2007 [R]

    lol at that team
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    Semi Finals Set, opinions...

    Def pos.
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    WC Round of 16: Italy vs Australia [P+R]

    Warnie is a magician, def should be made a late inclusion to the subs bench at least, would be a free kick specialist.
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    Holland vs Australia [R]

    ref had allowed play to continue and was coming back to book him, then he got gio with a good one (H) with kewell and cahill both starting next week i reckon we are a huge chance to make it through to the knockout phase.
  13. C Missing men game

    ENGLAND: Pressman, Dyer (Guppy 56 min), Wilcox (carragher 79 min), Scimeca, Matteo, Hall, Huckerby, Quashie (Lampard 34 min), Heskey, Merson, Parlour (Murray 62 min). Subs not used: Wright, Scowcroft. :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Vote for the greatest ever 5 club teams:

    Celtic 67-70 (well all of the years we won 9 in a row.) Great team with quality all over the park.
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    Spl 2005/2006

    Is PLG even alive, have not seen him make 1 public rangers apperance.
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    Henrik Larsson

    Henrik Larsson what a legend. If he wasn't with us for the best part of his career he would go down as one of the very best Europe has seen, he still should, but he wont.
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    Spl 2005/2006

    3rd round knockout goes to uefa cup though doesnt it?
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    Spl 2005/2006
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    Spl 2005/2006

    And now its official. Champions!!!!!!!!!!! :lui: :lui: :lui: :lui: :lui:
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    SPL CUP SEMI FINAL- Hearts vs. Hibs

    why do they deserve to win something, its not a right to a trophy. Hibs will win this game 3-1.