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    WCQ: Mexico V. USA [P+R}

    Well, Convey is supposedly there, unfortunately. He's so good that Reading let him leave early.
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    WCQ: Mexico V. USA [P+R}

    When this game starts, I'll just be landing at an airport so I'm definitely going to miss at least the first half. :( Anyway, I think it's going to be 1-1 and that would be a very good result for us. Obviously, Johnson will score the goal for us.(H)
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    Yahoo!! im going to LA!!!!

    The only purpose of traffic cops is to screw people over. However, I would say Police Departments deserve more blame than the actual traffic cops. They have quotas that they give to cops that force them to give out a certain amount of tickets a month. It's pretty much a backdoor tax, the...
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    Yahoo!! im going to LA!!!!

    We do have some asshole cops in this country (and LA has had its fair share of problems with them), but compared to a lot of other countries our police are just fine. I wouldn't go as far as saying the police in LA (or anywhere else in this country) are "****************ed up." There are some...
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    Maddox- The most expensive $94 Orbitz will ever make.

    Yeah, and many airlines also try to sell tickets with 20 minute layovers and that's pretty hard to do as well. If your plane is a little late or a little delayed, you're ****ed. It's Maddox's fault, if he bothered to look at his itinerary he would have realized that the flight landed in one...
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    Maddox- The most expensive $94 Orbitz will ever make.

    I've read Maddox before and like him, but it's his own fault that he booked that itinerary. It clearly shows up when you look at the flights that it will land in San Jose and that the next flight takes off from San Francisco. If he bothered to look at the ******* flight details before he...
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    US uni/college recommendations

    Cooper Union only has a few majors. If you don't want to study engineering or a few other things (I think it's architecture and something else), then you can't go there.
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    US uni/college recommendations

    I live in NY, am a HS senior, and didn't apply to any SUNYs. I probably could have gotten into all of them, but I really want to leave the state. Hopefully I get a decent financial aid package somewhere or I'll have to take out loans, but I would prefer taking out loans at a school I want to...
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    Pizza Hut vs. Papa John's vs. Dominos

    Well, first of all, a real pizzeria is usually better than any of them, but out of the three, I would go with Papa John's. It's not terrible unlike the other two.
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    u think no school is possible for dec 20th?

    I was in Amsterdam in March of 2001 and it was snowing. It didn't stick to the ground, but it still snowed. I hate cold weather though. I used to like snow when I was younger, but now I hate it.
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    Do you own any vehicle(s) ?

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer: My car looks exactly like this one except my car doesn't have those big ass tires. Also mine doesn't have the V8 magnet thats right in front of the front door because mine is a V6, and mine doesn't have the **** behind the tires.
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    The MLS trades, transfers and loans thread

    I have thought that Convey was overrated for a while, but I expected more out of him at Reading than this. If Convey hadn't entered the MLS so young, I doubt people would think much about him. He got a lot of attention because he became a professional at such a young age and people have...
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    USA U-20 vs. Mexico U-20

    If you owned us, then you would beat us. However, that rarely happens.
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    USA U-20 vs. Mexico U-20

    And we own you everywhere else.
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    MLS Cup 2004 [R]

    Post of the year. Well, not really.
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    Election 2004 Prediction Thread

    I wish I was a year older so I could vote. I would vote for Badnarik. But if I had to pick between Kerry and Bush, I would definitely go with Kerry. Four years ago, Bush made himself look like a moderate. He has proven in four years that he is no where near the center. I had no problems...
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    US Presidential Debates 2004

    Bush didn't answer the question because he knew that people wouldn't like the answer. Bush seemed to avoid a lot of questions tonight.
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    Your VOTE for US president - I give you mine

    I got: Economic Left/Right: 0.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.69 I thought I should have gotten an economic score that's more towards the right but besides that I think it's pretty accurate.
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    Your VOTE for US president - I give you mine

    Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian (55%) Click here for info Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (51%) Click here for info Cobb, David - Green Party (48%) Click here for info Nader, Ralph - Independent (48%) Click here for info Brown, Walt - Socialist Party (45%) Click here...
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    First thoughts on Demo

    I have played the game and I think it is pretty good. However, there were a few problems: 1. In my game, I (Blackburn) scheduled a friendly against the U18s. It was my last friendly before the season. However, it wouldn't allow me to have more than 5 subs on the bench. I was able to use...