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    No crowd on the stands

    I used a stadium from Japan and made it like Red Bull Leipzig stadium, cuz they are similar. On the Japanese there is crowd, but when I play with Leipzig there is no crowd on the stands. How to fix the problem?
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    FIFA 10 stadiums to Fifa Manager 14

    I tried to download one of the stadiums made for Fifa 10 cmd file (Real Sociedad stadium), but the game crashes after I insert it. I have the old stadium made for Fifa07 and it works, but this one is nicier with running tracks and all. I wonder if those stadiums for Fifa 10 dosen't work for Fifa...
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    Convert To FIFA Manager?

    Hello! I see amazing stadiums here and I would like to ask is possible to convert those stadiums to Fifa Manager 14? I would love to have the new France stadiums, like Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux and others that are not listed on the main page of converted stadiums. Is it possible to convert these...
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    Career option problem. Help needed.

    Ciao! I can't get any offers from other leagues except English teams. When I choose select monitored teams, nothing happens in the left corner. Empty. Only offer comes form english teams. Does anybody know what's wrong? I started with Levante, but don't get any offes from noonw, ehile when I...