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    My Editing Thread :: Ads & Flags & Other stuff

    i decided to post some of my works here, maybe some of you remember me, i used to post my graphics here in the past... FC Twente next: i dunno ;p it can be either another team from Eredivisie or... something else ;) comments? :pp
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    Liedson's kits thread (absolutely no requests)

    Hello. You may know me and my graphics for FIFA ;] I decided to make some kits. First, i would like to present you an old adidas design (99% based on ea's one) normal version: training version: If i will have some time, i will make more designs. Now comment and tell me if there are...
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    small question

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    Liedson 08 stuff.

    INDEX Adboards English Premier League - Chelsea National - Germany Flags Spanish Primera Division - Barcelona END OF INDEX Hi everybody. I'm starting with my ads for my fav english team, Chelsea F.C. of course, all of them are for 07-08: I couldn't do...
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    how to make template?

    how to make template? i know i must search for photos, but what kind of photos should i search? and what tool in photoshop should i use? hope some1 can help me and not only me. cheers
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    Liedson Editing Thread 2006/2007

    Hi. I'm Liedson (or Piter). This is my Editing Thread. I make menuheads, in future maybe I'll try adboards or kits. So, this is my work: screen: You find other Menuheads by clicking here sorry for any mistakes, but I'm only 13 and my English is poor :rolleyes: Please comment...