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    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    which version of fidels gameplay makes most number of fouls?
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    European Expansions Patch 2015

    guys, patch works perfectly well..all names are available, except friendly game sign on match intro... copy everything you need and regenarate all... if you are using some other language, dont forget LOC folder! I noticed that you have india national team twice. I think that faroe island are...
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    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    @supernova I agree. also, you can throw the ball in to player on 1 or 2m away. thats against the rules as well. by the way, I noticed that hand ball is off totaly in fifa15. or is that just me?
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    European Expansions Patch 2015

    ahhaha :D same here ...
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    European Expansions Patch 2015

    can we have a changelog for 1.1 pls? ty ;)
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    European Expansions Patch 2015

    first I like the patch very much, basicaly Ilike huge patches, and this is one of the biggest in fifa15 as I know?! I noticed that all players have white gloves during the winter. is that as it meant to be, or is that a missing texture? its just picking my eye ;) thx EDIT by the way, am I...
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    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    game to game 0 fouls commited by AI. except the penalties.. :(
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    European Expansions Patch 2015

    wrong kits for red star belgrade and FK Vojvodina red star belgrade squad is more than 2 years old..
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    Polish League Patch 13

    I dont want to lose crown lane stadium? How can i keep it beside instaling this patch?
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    Jelen Super League Patch by Fifa Serbia Online

    Yeap, later I nocited that. In career mod stadium name doesnt appear.. I ve already thought thats just me..Why is that so?
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    Jelen Super League Patch by Fifa Serbia Online

    Everything works propertly so foar, Im very happy how the project is moving further on. Stadiumassignements are missing, you said it ll be added though. But thats a two min job. And some stadium names are "wrong" such as Stadiums of Red starm FC Rad, Smederevo, Donji Srem.. Graphic 10 Team...
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    Fifa 13 Turf Brightness Patch - Download

    guys whats the night, and overcast pitchcolour number?
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    Regularcat's FIFA 13 Mods

    Thx. And one more annoying thing for me as a goalkeeper in real life.. "Goal kick players positions". I ve been writing abt it in previous vers of fifa and on your thread...if u remember. EA didnt correct it so here I go again. I would like if u could do something abt the presented issue...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 13 Mods

    AI's lob through balls are KILLING me. He does it even on 5m space. Crossing over my defence line into space, and there it on one situation. Beside ping-pong passing on Legendary mod, Fifa13 is so old school fifatronic, in those situations..I cant take this any more? WHat sliders to...
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    Twich Stadiums - EPL & Championship 12/13

    Do I loose Ivy Lane when Import jjb?
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    FIFA Creation Studio 13

    It looks much simpler than CM. Great! I dont see the adboards tab?
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    FIFA 13 & PES 2013 Quick Graphics & Gameplay Comparison

    I'm not playing pes since PES2008. After the PES6, PES serials are just the games about bunch of rooborts marching on the field. And you guys obviously are joking when say that PES13 has a better graph. Pes Goalkeepers..sad & long story.
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    [Graphic Mod] ENB for FIFA 13

    ENBv2 - The best enb I ve ever seen before. Thanks A LOT! Great color balance. Great lightning, great contrast balance. Everythings perfect! Thanks once again.
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    [FIFA13] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    I had all languages installed on my fifa13. Than I instaled some patch, and now I got only 3 languages for commentary!? PLS help me.
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    Camera Patch

    cl.ini works fine! But Im wondering how to put my camera beneath the high-limit. For exp on some stadoims I cant take my camera view down to the pitch or a few meters high. Camera high simply doesnt react under that limit? Any tips? In my DB12 I set camera high value "7" on that stadium, but it...