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    Substitution in Tournament Mode

    Hello friends, is there a possibility in tournament mode that the ai makes changes, like in player career mode? in a file or something? Thanks a lot
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    Creation Master 16

    but the function of the entire team with the logo was brilliant. whole leagues could be created in a matter of minutes
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    Creation Master 16

    Hello everybody is there any hope that the transfer market will be updated at creation master 16? i would love to import entire teams. i would wish so much
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (19/20 Edition)

    i noticed a small mistake at compdata. Austria has the regular season and the playoffs. when the regular season is over, a champion is displayed despite the winners not being set. and another one in the playoffs. it has to do with the fact that the two are made in stages. I deleted the playoffs...
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    Creation Master 16

    please, please who can make an update of Transfermarkt? to import full teams and squad. Or is there a tool for Fifa 16 what does the Quick Team Creator work like?
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    S1lverfox's FIFA 11 Manager Mode Overhaul

    Hello everybody does anyone have the file to upload? and what can one adjust so that also the cpu goalkeeper obligates? Thank you
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    Creation Wizard 19

    an awesome future would be if you could make an import of as in the creation master 16. import a complete cadre
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    Revolution Mod 16

    hi Guys, Can I give a custom name if I have a final stadium?
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    Revolution DB Master 19

    Hello everybody, is it possible to save the career of FIFA 16 with the RDM19? I copied the DB of FIFA 16 into the directory of RDM19 FIFA 17. renamed FIFA 16 career file from DATA in Career. the RDM19 only downloads when I store and in the game he says that the file is damaged. Of course, I...
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    Creation Master 16

    hi Guys... does anyone know why the import of transfermarkt no longer works?
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    Revolution Mod 16

    When I create a new league with a new id I do not see a trophy presentation when I win the league ... does anyone know what this may be? Thanks