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  1. philipe89

    Brazilian league full licensed

    Will it have Serie B or just Serie A?! é nóis
  2. philipe89

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Is there a way to get the Frosty Editor paid version now? There is no patreon anymore
  3. philipe89

    wichanwoo's faces

    waiting this Bruno Fernandes :o
  4. philipe89

    SGT Kim's Face

    is Bruno Fernandes released?!
  5. philipe89


    Is there an id list?
  6. philipe89


    How can I unlock the hidden boots like some mods do?
  7. philipe89


    can someone answer me if the bootpacks replace boots or add new ones?
  8. philipe89


    does the bootpack replace boots or add new ones?
  9. philipe89

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    can I add the boots to the game or just replace another boots?
  10. philipe89

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    Can you fix Vasco da Gama(Brazil) logo and add Bolton(England) Kits?!
  11. philipe89

    Minifaces for any Patch

    Awesome.. Mandou bem!!
  12. philipe89

    GFX MOD ULTIMATE | Jannuary 2020 V4 OUT NOW!

    US$10 for a brazilian is a lot.. i wish i could get this.. nice work
  13. philipe89

    Gloves by Dnepr

    i use the default ones.. just look at the gloves on fifa and search one that match.. some models have different maps if u know what i mean.. (sorry for my english, im br)
  14. philipe89

    Gloves by Dnepr

    maybe u are using the wrong model..
  15. philipe89


    awesome work.. i thought these one was already in the game
  16. philipe89

    Graphics by Ron69

    merry xmas everybody!!
  17. philipe89

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    i dont like these new kits.. if they're genuine
  18. philipe89

    cafuri's Manager Graphics

    the images dont load here
  19. philipe89

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    can u make this colourway master?! if u have time to do it would be great