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    World Cup 2006 Kit Working 3.0?

    where can i get this program? thanx
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    Kit making program?

    ah okay, and where and how exactly do I find those templates that look like empty shirts? And then what if I find them? can someone please walk me step by step :D if u can heh..
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    Pezzamist's National Teams' Kits Thread

    ahh okay cool. Where can I find kits for France though? I mean in ur topic. And about that kit program, was there a topic created here I can find? thanx :ewan:
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    Kit making program?

    tack so mycke :p ok, I have got photoshp, and I got a fair experience with it. What is next? like how to create the kit with my own design and make it available for the game?
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    Kit making program?

    Hello. Is there a kit making program? so I can creat my own unique kit? thanx
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    tlmily's wc06 kits

    wow nice and cool :rockman: Ok but how or where would I put those iamges in? which file? so then I can play with them? thanx
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    Pezzamist's National Teams' Kits Thread

    oh boy oh boy, I cant wait for France :D when will you reach France? And oh btw, I am a total noob as u can see.. but how would I download the kits? and in which folder to put them in? thanx :ewan:
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    Online gameplay. Help needed

    Hello, I have been playing Fifa world cup 2oo6 for quite a while now, and decided to go online, but there is a problem. Ok , when the match starts, it lags alot. So I cant play normaly.. one second its moving, another it stops, and so it goes like this.. can anyone help? I have got 1GB of...