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    Awesome soccer video

    now imagine if we combined the two videos: strap rooney into a foosball set up
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    Awesome soccer video

    this one is also sweet, the wayne rooney classic:
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    Awesome soccer video

    haha fair enough that's a good point
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    Awesome soccer video

    Tell me you don't want to try this:
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    2009 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Do you know why everyone on the streets yells KAOBEEEE! when they shoot a three? Allow me to elucidate. The Black Mamba, The Closer, 23 + 1. His name is Kobe Bryant, Commander of the Lakers, General of the Angelic Legion, loyal servant to the true emperor Phil Carlos*son, husband to a hottie...
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    fifa 09 league championship players wanted

    Do you play as one player or as a team? I think I heard that you're an individual when you play multiplayer.
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    FIFA 10 Information Thread

    I actually heard that instead of only being able to move your characters in eight directions, the movement will be a little more nuanced such that you won't have to make a full direction change. Maybe this means sidestepping with the ball?
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    Difficult to score.

    Yeah it's not that hard to score, either just lay in the ill through ball or a good cross into the middle from the wing. You just need to head it and pull the control stick down so that it bounces in instead of being headed over the top of the goal.
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    Funny soccer clips

    Haha these are really funny, I especially like the one where the guy kicks the ball into his face and it goes into his own goal. LOL