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    Gold Demo First Impressions

    There are some new tactical options in Football Manager 2007. "Opposition Instructions" are new and allow you to specifically target certain player's from your opponents on Match Day.
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    WWSM 2006 available now from Sega US's digital download store

    steady teddy: You might be getting confused with our console titles which are out in spring next year. WWSM 2006 is the same as FM 2006 and the game is exactly the same via digital download as it would be purchasing a boxed copy.
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    Stats and why you can't trust them.

    I'm lurking around quite often too, although like Marc, a little on the busy side getting these games ready for you guys to enjoy. :)
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    My view on training

    TROD is right; we are more than happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions, either here or on our own forums with regards to any part of our games. Training is obviously an aspect we're keen to improve on the future, whether that's in FM 2006 or beyond.
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    Loan problems

    I presume you're referring to the English league here (as there are various loan rules across different divisions and countries). In England you can loan any player under the age of 24 until the end of the season up until December 31st, which is considered a long-term loan deal. From January...
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    These profiles are not accessible due to legal reasons.
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    FM 2005 Patch 5.0.2 + WWSM 2005 Patch 5.0.2

    From the change list provided above: - Lessened amount of dives by more sportsmanlike players
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    FM 2005 Patch 5.0.2 + WWSM 2005 Patch 5.0.2

    > Retirements - Fixed player's retiring day after announcing that they are about to retire due to injury at end of season - Re-tuned distribution of retirement news. - When a player gets converted into a coach/manager, he retains his city of birth and career history. - Fixed obscure problem...
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    FM 2005 Patch 5.0.2 + WWSM 2005 Patch 5.0.2

    Match Engine v326: =================== > Fixed Known issues - Further improved corner taking AI - Tweaked free kick taking AI - Tweak on defensive clearance AI Match Engine v325: =================== > Fixed Known issues - Fixed stupid long goal kicks - Fixed keeper diving 2-3...
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    FM 2005 Patch 5.0.2 + WWSM 2005 Patch 5.0.2

    Hiya This is just a post to inform you that at some point this afternoon (Thursday 9th December) we will be releasing the 5.0.2 patch. Cheers. See below for a full list of fixes and information we posted on our forums earlier today: Dear All Thankyou for your patience concerning the...
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    I hate this feature .........

    :Andrevico: There is a column view in the Gold Demo (not the Beta Demo). Select 'View' --> 'Overview' (from the bottom of the list) and the screen will split into columns.
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    Gold demo download info

    Shane Meadows: The Strawbery demo contains additional graphics such as player photos, club kits, club logos, etc.
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    My thoughts on the (Beta) demo...

    Sir Didier*CFC: It's worth giving the Gold Demo a whirl (we released it yesterday) because if you like what you see in the Beta, you should like the Gold a whole lot more.
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    Michael Nygreen does indeed now work for Sports Interactive and has been concentrating the vast majority of his time on the Football Manager 2005 Editor which will be released with Football Manager 2005 on November 5th this year. The Media Comments Editor (MCE) will allow you to edit Manager...
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    First thoughts on Demo

    The position icons are now back in (so you can drag and drop the position onto a player). With regards to the Individual Player Instructions in the Tactics screen, we have made several improvements here but what did you have in mind? You can select the arrow to the left of the players name or...
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    FM in the US

    It will be released in North America as "Worldwide Soccer Manager".
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    First thoughts on Demo

    There are now appropriate icons to indicate when a player is injured or away on international duty (and these will take precedence over others in the squad screen). This allows you to see who is available and who isn't (and you can still use the Filter Dialog to hide 'Unavailable' players).
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    First thoughts on Demo

    The Screen History was work in progress at the time the Beta Demo was created and we have since fixed the problem with the squad screen not remembering the last item you sorted by. It now remembers all states and this applies to various other screens too (which was part of the Screen History code).
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    First thoughts on Demo

    The Squad Selection code was still very much work in progress at the time we created the Beta Demo. We have improved it considerably since then and addressed most of the issues people are reporting in the Beta Demo.
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    FM Wishlist

    I will raise this with the team and see if anything can be done about it. Three-months is effectively the 'default' minimum and where there is no specific code for a certain league or division it will use the smallest option available (hence three-months). We can add support for specific...