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  1. FIFAMoro

    Kits Templates : PSD & PNG

    Guys, Is it possible to post kits templates in PSD or PNG, so people won't make too much requests?
  2. FIFAMoro

    CAF Champions League (searching for collaboration)

    Hello mates, I already have in my patch a playable CAF Champions League in career mode including : - Moroccan Botola 1 / teams - Moroccan Botola 2 / teams - Egyptian Premier League / teams - Tunisian Ligue 1 / 14 teams - Algerian Ligue 1 / 16 teams - Best of South African ABSA League / 5 teams...
  3. FIFAMoro


    :yc: Please help me about how to disable the automatic seats coloring
  4. FIFAMoro

    Searching for a gameplay that makes AI attacks a loy

    Please does anyone knows how to find a gameplay mod that makes the computer AI attacks a lot without a lot of tiki taka?
  5. FIFAMoro

    PES Kits 2019 2020

    In this section I will post all the PES kits for PES 2020, PES 2019, PES 2018, PES 2017, PES 2016.
  6. FIFAMoro

    Trophies (Requests Accepted)

    FIFA 16 Trophies
  7. FIFAMoro

    National Squad Selection crash

    I'm facing an issue with many national teams that I created, when I try to replace players or approve my selections in career mode's National Squad Selection, the game crashes. Please help.
  8. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro Kits

    In my website I'm just collecting kits and when I don't find some of them I create them. If you're a kit maker I'll be glad if you send me to post your kits on my website and If I forgot about mentioning your name, please leave a comment or send me a message. At the end of the day we all helping...
  9. FIFAMoro

    Deleting players effectively

    Is there a way in creation master or db master to delete many players in one time? Especially players with no teams..
  10. FIFAMoro

    I Need more African national teams for AFCON in career mode (watch video)

    Hello bros, do you have African national teams in cmp I need low teams like Mauritania, Burundi... I'm trying to add more African teams to be able to play the full African cup of nations in career mode watch this
  11. FIFAMoro

    How to create an international tournament playable in tournament mode?

    How to create an international tournament playable in tournament mode?
  12. FIFAMoro

    I have 62 national teams in "Men's National Teams" what is the limit ?

    I have 62 national teams in "Men's National Teams" and the career mode is working fine, what is the limit ?
  13. FIFAMoro

    How to assign an Adboard to a team and to a league and tournament ?

    it's not working for me on Creation Master!
  14. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro : Made & Converted kits

    In this section I'll post kits I've made and kits I've converted, also I'll accept some requests to be converted.
  15. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro: Kits, Adboards, Boots, Fonts, Logos, Tools and more...