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  1. gonzaga

    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    Hello, everyone! After few months work I'm extremely happy to show the first screens of my first try in stadium making. Estadio EL MADRIGAL Special, no - SPECIAL THANKS to Svence for his huge help with every step in my journey. Actually he is the man who's bringing this creature to life in game...
  2. gonzaga

    Very misteriuos problem

    To anybody who has any idea or piece of advice! Recently I added Argentinian league (I don't remember where did I get it from, but the patch contains Arg. & Uru leagues). So, after I imported the Argentinian league (through CM 09), I removed Boca and River from Rest of world section and...
  3. gonzaga

    The corrupted stadiums from "150 stadiums" pack

    Hello everybody! I decided to open this thread, because I still can't find alternatives to the stadiums with issues from "150 stadiums" pack" as the following : Zorilla - Valladolid Reebok - Bolton Bentegodi - Hellas Verona Louis Dougauguez - Sedan Stade du Ray - OGN Nice Willem II...
  4. gonzaga

    Problems importing Sanchez Pisjuan and other stadiums

    Hello, everybody. I recently found your forum. I imported many stadiums in .cmp format. But I have problems importing this files of Sanchez Pisjuan. I've imported them with FM 07 in zdata - nothing in the game, I've tryed to copy them to Fifa 07/data - folder - nothing in the game. Just for info...