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    PES 2008 kitserver problem: goalkeeper kits

    I've installed one of the superpatches from proevolutionline. A few months later, I installed kitserver and I wanted to replace some teams by others. The problem is that ingame I keep getting the goalkeeper kits from the patch instead of the ones I installed with kitserver. Anyone can help me?
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    defender in offensive role on corners

    Is there a way to put my defenders in the penalty area when I take a corner?
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    Rinaldos animation patch

    All the download links that I've tried are dead. How come?
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    Christian Leiva from Banfield

    Is he in the Career Expansion Patch? Could someone please give me his attributes?
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    Belgian kits

    Are there sites where they can be downloaded?
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    december and januari transfers

    Is there a sit where I can find them?
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    More bids

    How can I change the number of bids in career mode? I already tried the search button, but didn't find anything.
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    problem with kitraptor

    I can't import kits that were converted from fifa2005. He says the format should either be 512x512 or 768x768. I've checked this and all formats are good. What could be the problem?
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    installed Sevix2k5 gameplay+linesmen patch->fifa crashes

    Fifa probably crashes because of the linesmen. In which file can I switch them off?
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    Adding gk / 3rd / training kits with UniDB

    Is this possible?
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    changing number color with UniDB

    Is it possible to change the color of the number on the back of the kit with UniDB? And I mean changing the RGB values.
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    we need a new cc

    As I already posted somewhere else, saterday I made some transfers and updated about 70 players and the game crashed at the 'press any key'-screen. Yesterday, I thought that I' give the cc one last shot: I transferred two players and updated 26 players. Once the same problem when I played the...
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    downloaded the demo: only norwegian language

    can somebody help me please? i've already installed it with english (us) and french, but over and over again it's in norwegian :f***:
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    Cm 03/04 -> Cm4

    Since, the PES4optionfile editor can read the CM4 and the CM03/04 database, my question is: Can you use an update of CM03/04 for CM4?
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    looking for starting eleven

    of the following teams: Arsenal Man U Chelsea Liverpool Middlesbrough Newcastle Bayern München Borussia Dortmund Werder Bremen Bayer Leverkusen Schalke 04 Wolfsburg Stuttgart PSG Marseille Lyon Monaco AC Milan Inter Milan Juventus AS Roma Lazio Roma Parma Real Madrid...
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    crashing in night games

    my game keeps crashing in night games. how can i fix this problem?
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    how to put edited player in team?

    Hi. Since yesterday I have Winning Eleven 7 and I must say that this game rocks :rockman: I use Wolf patch 4.31 and I'm playing with Anderlecht. I would like to add a new player (I have to create him first) to Anderlecht. How should I do this? Thx in advance :)
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    database files

    I'm updating my fifa2004 for the new season with CC2004, but I would like to keep a copy of the database files from the last season. Which files should I copy?
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    euro 2004 tot fifa 2004

    could anyone please export the Belgian faces of euro 2004 and put them in fifa2004 format,please? thx in advance :)
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    I installed the older fifa's, like 99, 2001 & 2002 on my new pc,but they all run very slow. How can I solve this problem?