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    Romanian Footballer Sold for Meat Just when the big clubs in Western Europe are splashing 30 million pounds on a player...
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    2008 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Okay, since we are all lazy these days, I'm going to take up the initiative, with 1 day to go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WEST 1. Los Angeles Lakers 8. Denver Nuggets 2. New Orleans Hornets 7. Dallas Mavericks 3. San...
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    Job Interview

    Hi fellow SGer's... I would like to humbly ask for your expert opinions and tips on things that one can do in a job interview to get hired. This is one relatively inexperienced aspect of my life, and I need to improve. I have had 2 co-op job interviews but did not end up getting selected, and...
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    Work Permit

    I've got a question for you, lads. I signed a non-EU player with Newcastle, and he was not granted a work permit, but arrived nonetheless. So now he has "Wp" under his status and can't play for anything. So do I somehow apply for a permit again sometime in the future or does he get it...
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    What happened to

    Does anyone know what happened to The best soccer logos site to have ever existed? It no longer seems to exist. :(
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    [OFFICIAL] 2007 FIFA Under-20 World Cup Thread [P+R]

    The FIFA U20 World Cup in Canada officially kicks off today in Montreal and Ottawa. --------------------------------- GROUP A Canada Austria Chile Congo GROUP B Spain Uruguay Zambia Jordan GROUP C Mexico Portugal Gambia New Zealand GROUP D Brazil Korea Republic USA...
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    NBA Playoffs Thread 2007

    I simply cannot contain the excitement. EASTERN CONFERENCE: (home team in front) [1] Detroit Pistons vs Orlando Magic [8] [2] Cleveland Cavaliers vs Washington Wizards [7] [3] Toronto Raptors vs New Jersey Nets [6] [5] Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat [4] ------------------------------- WESTERN...
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    Brawl: QPR vs China U23 Team

    I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet. I finally found a good link with a working video: China's friendly football match with QPR ends in a kung fu brawl By Martin Beckford Last Updated: 2:05am GMT...
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    Freak Accident in South Africa

    I dunno if you people have seen this. But I don't think it's been posted yet. Crazy windstorm in a South Africa game between the Pirates and the Leopards. link to Youtube video :nape: mother earth is mad
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    saw it on Monday. Great movie I thought. Hilarious but not just a stupid comedy like Scary Movie, the plot and theme was great, very touchy near the end. 4.5/5 Chris Walken was great haha. Beckinsale was hot.
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    Gameplay Help

    ello guys. I just got WE9 recently and am a noob at the game. I went through the training tutorials regarding playing the game but still have some questions that need to be answered. And I have already searched this forum but did not find any adequate answers. It would be much appreciated if...
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    SG Clock

    Is it just me or is the SG clock about 13 minutes slow? I made a post at 10:12 real time and afterwards it said "Today, 9:59:PM".
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    Carlos Tevez fined for wearing ManUtd shirt Corinthians forward Carlos Tevez has been fined by his club after attending a Sao Paulo press conference wearing a Manchester United shirt. The Argentina international will have to pay 20% of his monthly wage - around £13,000 -...
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    My Computer Can't Start! Need expert help!

    Hi guys. My computer is really fvcked up. I fvcked up my Windows XP so I have to re-install it. I've re-formatted the C drive and I completed the first portion of setup (format disk and copying files), then it says it needs to restart to continue the next portion of setup. But when it...
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    Canada: The Score to broadcast EPL!!!

    Fantastic news for Canadian soccer fans! The Score will be broadcasting 30 Sunday EPL games this season!!! Sweet, now there's 2 or 3 games on Saturdays on Rogers Sportsnet, plus 1 game every weekend on the Score, including...
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    Switching Clubs

    well, in my game, ManUtd fired their manager Steve Bruce, and I decided to apply for the vacant position which I ended up getting. So now I am in ManUtd having a good time and raping every other team in the league, but I notice something weird -- my old club (Wolves) still doesn't have a...
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    Managing National Teams

    I've only played 1 season so far, and have a noob question: Approximately how many manager points or titles or how long do you have to play before you get invited to manage a national team? And if you do get invited, would it be the NT of the country ur managing in or the country of ur...
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    FM Rosters

    I am about to get Football Manager (finally) but I'm wondering if there is a roster patch for downloading? Cuz I dont like out-of-date things and I certainly don't feel like starting a game where Rooney is still in Everton, Graeme Souness is still coaching Blackburn, etc.
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    Facing Lautassari FC, Need Advice

    Hi everyone, I am facing Lautassari FC (the Fin that was often #1 in the world) in the quarter final of National Cup Group 3 next week. I am really scared and I need some tactical advice from you experts... :jap:
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    Players Not Intelligent

    I'm getting pretty pissed lately at this game... I'm with ManU in my career and every game when I run down the wing with Ronaldo or Giggs and if I press player run button my strikers always run out to the wing then just stand there. Van Nistelrooy is ****in standing at the corner of the box...