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    Darren Bent - Biggest waste of money ever?

    Tottenham have just signed Darren Bent for 16.5 Million Pounds Not sure if this is entirely thread worthy but this seems like a bizarre transfer, when you compare it to Thierry Henry who was signed by Barcelona for...
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    Sexual Harassment hilarious video on Sexual Harassment , I don't know how the actors keep a straight face
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    check out this
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    Man tries to **** goat,2106,3154329a4560,00.html Man admits trying to have sex with goat 12 January 2005 A Nelson man has appeared in court for a second time for attempting to have sex with a goat. George Kepa, a 41-year-old unemployed man, pleaded guilty in Nelson District...
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    Borat Strikes again,,50001-1166924,00.html Ali G Comic Blamed For Hoax Ali G comic Sacha Baron Cohen is being blamed for a hoax which enraged cowboys at a rodeo in the USA. The funnyman's other alter ego, Kazakhstani Borat Sagdiyev, is the chief suspect behind the stunt...
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    when i go to the main screen it shows me as Henry14, why is this happening. I cant post as him though