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    Former Spurs and Southampton defender Dean Richards dies.

    Just been on Match of the Day, Dean Richards, who played for Southampton and Spurs (and Wolves I believe) has died following an illness. As always, condolences to his family and friends.
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    I am a Dad!

    Sorry to leave it so long to update the "I'm gonna be a daddy thread" but y'know, I've been busy. So, since I last posted here Liz and I have become the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Amy-Rose came into the world on 23rd December 2010 via an emergency ceserian section (arriving 9...
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    Martin O'Neil quits Villa!!

    All over everything at the moment, official statement on Villa's website and all. Martin O'Neil has resigned with immediate effect.
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    Sheffield Wednesday issued with winding up order.

    Just been on SkySports news, Sheffield Wednesday have been issued a winding up order from the High Court. Basically it's a final ultimatum to pay their debts or be dissolved. The same thing happened to Aldershot in 1989, they were disqualified from the then fourth division and disbanded.
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    I'm gonna be a Dad!

    Yep, Lizzie did a test yesterday morning and it was positive. I'm gonna be a Daddy!! :33vff3o::33vff3o: She's off to the Doc's on Wednesday to get it properly confirmed, but apparently the tests are so accurate these days - it's practically a formality. I'm still kinda up in the air at...
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    Who officially is the fastest sprinter in football?

    I can't seem to find an official answer, mostly the answer around the interweb seems to be Cristiano Ronaldo, does anyone know if an official record exists for this?
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    A question.

    I've noticed several teams in the UCL (and in fact in their domestic leagues) have a small oval blue patch on their left sleeve with the number of European Cup victories on (Milan, Real, Liverpool) - yet some who have won it in the past (United) do not. Is there a criteria for a club to have...
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    A cauldron of noise - The best atmospheres and crowds?

    Just been watching United's game over in Turkey against Besiktas - Their crowd was unbelieveable, I haven't heard an atmosphere like that in a long, long time. So I was wondering what you all felt was the best crowd/atmosphere for a football match you've ever seen - and who are the loudest...
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    Your most favourite - greatest bit of football commentary?

    Commentators, those who add the soundtrack to the defining moments of the beautiful game - As much as anyone can remember a stunning goal - or a sublime bit of skill, 9 times out of 10 they remember the words that described it. So this thread is about your favourite - and most iconic...
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    England have won the Ashes!!

    England have beaten Australia at the Oval, to win the Ashes by 2-1.:33vff3o::33vff3o:
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    Your earliest football memory.

    What is the earliest memory you have of the beautiful game? Was it the moment that hooked you to it? was it of triumph, tragedy or even just mundane? For me it was going to see Aldershot with my mum and dad, I was about five or six. I remember my Dad wanted to leave early in the second half...
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    Parading new signings - do you wish your club did it?

    This past week we have witnessed the difference between signings for Real Madrid being welcomed, and those of English teams. Traditionally, english clubs do it very low key - perhaps a shot with the shirt and scarf, a handshake with the manager. Contrast that to the razmatazz of a Real...
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    If you could change any football moment? (Just one)

    Imagine you had the power to change just one moment / result in football history - which one would you pick? And how would it have shaped history? For me it would be in May 1995. Manchester United needed a win to secure the Premier League Championship for a third straight time. Blackburn were...
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    Would you cheer for another club from your country in Europe if your team was out?

    Listening to a debate about this on the radio prior to the UCL Final, and also listening to non United fans p*ssing themselves with delight the day after we lost, it raises the question: If your own team was out of contention in Europe, would you support / cheer for another team from your...
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    Stand up - or sit down?

    Having a discussion with Dubcrazy in the "Hillsborough" thread about terracing and the effect it has on football as both an experience and the atmosphere of the ground as a whole. I mentioned that the Old Trafford Stretford End's once deafening roar has been lost since it was converted so I...
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    Hillsborough: 20 years on.

    Today is the 20th anniversary of the disaster that changed the face of English football forever. On 15th April 1989 during the FA Cup Semi Final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough stadium, a mass surge of Liverpool fans (caused by Police opening a...
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    Is the 2009 editor for X360 better than the 2008 one?

    I love editing teams and making new ones, I thought the PES2008 editor on the 360 was far too limited in terms of kit styles etc. Is the in game editor on PES2009 better and more like the old PS2 editor (Logo/badge editor, add text and more kit styles) If it isn't I guess I'm stuck with PES6...
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    Formula One discussion - Season 2009

    I only saw the prediction thread here, so I think we need a general F1 2009 discussion thread too. So here it is. I wanted to open by saying how pleased I am that F1 is back on the BBC - At last a full Grand Prix without adverts! Plus I really hope they still use the iconic theme "The Chain"...
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    Broke my damn wrist. Fed up.

    I was in goal the other night (7 a side) and I dived to save a vicious shot, which I did .... with my face. Once the initial shock wore off and I'd checked my face wasn't busted open, I became aware of a pain in my left wrist. Thinking nothing of it, and wanting to get out on the pitch again...
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    Violent conduct - or part of the game?

    We all saw what happened to Rodrigo Possibon last night. I'll admit it was that incident that made me think about asking this point - I suspect we all ask the question when we see one of our own players almost crippled on a football pitch. I would like to think that not one person on this...