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    Jenkey's FIFA file explorer

    when i open fifa file explorer (i activated compatibility mode with win 7 to make it work) and i try to edit a wipe3d, i can see the blocks but those that contain pictures are black and when i click them the app crash. What can it depend on? last year it was enough for me to open it directly...
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    How to edit wipe3d without fifa file explorer 2014?

    fifa file explorer 2014 doesnt work anymore
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    why i can't play uefa supercup the first year of career?

    Is it normal with moddingway or is there an error? from the 2nd year is possible to play it
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    How to start a friendly with UCL dressing?

    I mean to use adboards and dressing of uefa champions league in friendly matches, if i remember correctly, this can be done with cl.ini
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    How to remove the cursor from any player?

    I don't mean the red cursor that indicates the player you are controlling but the cursor with the name/number on the player. Is it possible to remove it to have a game completely bare of indicators? (like a match on the tv)
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    How to assign pitch?

    How to assign a specificpitch (color maybe) to a specific stadium? better if is possible to assign to a team
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    does anyone have the link of the gfx mod?

    i mean this. thank you
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    Is it possible to have FIFA 16 career mode like FIFA 20?

    i mean better AI transfers, many more player purchases from AI teams Have mods like ''FIFA 16 manager'' this effect?
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    Europa League crashes in the second year of career

    Europa League crashes in the second year of career since I entered club world cup in europe section of CM to see the table every year, there is a way to fix europa league maintaining the table?
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    where can i find ''advance_intercompetition_dependency''?

    and how can i reset it for the Europa League?
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    How to change colors seats of a default stadium

    I want to turn san siros seats in orange
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    How to remove all crowd?

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    How to change stadium ID (waldstadion) for stadium server?

    i would change the base stadium of stadium server to get different camera height and weight
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    How to increase transfers of the teams in career mode?

    i tried with cmsettings from dlc/compdata, i also regenerated with file master but nothing happens
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    Broadcast camera revolution project

    I have an interesting idea to revolutionize the height and zoom of broadcast camera, i noticed that the "st.mary stadium" has a more elastic parameters of camera, so i supposed to use all the stadiums with st.mary stadium base to have height and zoom we like. So my ways are 2: using cgfs16 and...
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    FIFA 16 crash

    I tried to add a new stadium with cm 16 but after it, game crashed, so i deleted the new stadium and all his files but it stille crash, please help me, i tried everything but i can't do nothing
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    Add new stadium

    if i want to use a game's stadium as base with the purpose to use that stadium's height and zoom, is it possible to make? where can i export the original stadium? I mean to add a copy of stadium with height and zoom i like on cm16, and then import the model of stadium in whitch i want to use...
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    Career mode editings

    Good morning I would like to know if it possible to increase number of transfers and sellings of IA's teams in career mode and make sure that them are used in their squads (i see that they often buy youth players but never play, as also teams sell very few players and play always the same after...
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    is it possible to use default stadiums with CGFS 16?

    how can i do this?