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    C. Ronaldo vs the Rest of the World "For the love of money" - skill video

    Whats up guys, Ya'll know Ronaldo. You all know probably know the art of street football too. Here's a little video that combines them both into one. Why? Because it's never been done before. :) But hopefully it'll all make sense if you pay close attention to the music and its message. :)...
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    World Cup 98: Nameless Moments (summer video compilation)

    What's up guys. No introduction for this compilation is needed. Simply watch it. I have some really great clips that I left untouched (no pointless FX) for your viewing pleasure. This compilation took me 2 weeks to make. That includes all the research, finding the song (went thru my whole...
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    World Cup 2006: Crazy Ass Skillz (my summer video compilation)

    Hey everybody, I would love to invite you to watch my newest compilation. What I have here is some of the cool individual skills from the last world cup by your favorite stars, kicking it to my FAVORITE summer chill-out joint by one of my favorite hip hop groups Naughty by Nature. I do...
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    World Cup 2006: France vs Italy "Time to Say Goodbye" Compilation

    Hey everybody, I wanna share with you my latest video. As the title suggests, it pretty much covers the road to the final of last year's WC. Not the greatest video but still fun to watch I'd say. I had some many clips in this project that my comp ran like **** and it was hard to do anything...
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    Check me out doing some tricks I only got into the tricks recently after watching other peoples videos. This is just beginner stuff but Im hoping to get into the advanced stuff in the next months. My rabona doesn't look that good yet but I can aim that **** which is nice...
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    Huge FIFA 360 Update [TRICK news!] :evil:
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    360 demo to Marketplace on October 13, 2006.

    I don't have a source at hand but this was announced during X06 in Barcelona. I don't feel like looking the link up right now. Feel free to search. This should be on EA's site. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned in this forum yet, or at least, I couldn't find any topics on this.
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    The Zidane incident reproduced in a video game... LOL brought to you by Ubisoft.
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    WE9I not compatible with Xb360. Sorry folks.

    Follow-up: MS:
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    US Winning Eleven 9 International REVIEWS

    IGN PSP ver: 7.8 lol Despite rumors started by some very uniformed people, NO ONLINE. PS2 & Xbox ver: 8.8 ONLINE YES for both. PC ver: NA no word on release date. Very low...
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    American WE Live players:

    Feb is gettin closer. Post your online user names/gamertags for the console versions! XBL: jumbo - gibol The Wolf - the7wolf ChrisCasper - Chris Casper lazoli - lazoli QuikZilver - Something Guy Nuno - Nuno79 shotta - shotta Shyne09 - Shyne09 PS2O: ddeweil - deweil...
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    J-League WE9 Asia Championship - KONAMI does it again!

    The guys from KONAMI do it again. I have to say, I'm impressed, once again with the J-L version. Same as last year, an improvment over the regular version. I just installed the game a couple of hours ago so obviously didn't play much. + option to turn the crowd on/off (no more missing...
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    Anyone from France?

    Trying to correctly address a package to France. Name: xxxx Street: # xxxx xxxx City: 33xxx Libourne Aquitaine Country: France Is that good? Libourne is a city, Aquitaine is a 'state' or region right? Thanks!
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    Writing a paper on money in sports, have a few questions.

    1) Are you guys for OR against salary/contract caps, spending big money on transfers. 2) If you are pro - why? con - why? pro - better competition in leagues, lower ticket/merchendise prices, more money for club expenses such as stadiums, infastructure BUT always more for the owners...
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    Selling my Winning Eleven 9 JAP - Good deal It's a good deal. Take care!
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    Collars out of style - why?

    What up. Collared shirts were big during the 90's. Remember Cantona always wearing his up. Dwight Yorke. Any Man Utd fan will tella ya. And the Italians. 2000's - no more collared shirts. They're not on Nike kits, not on addidas;, not on kappas, etc. What happened?
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    WCQ: Poland - Austria [P & R]

    GROUP 6 Starting line-up for Poland 4-4-2: - Artur Boruc - Marcin Baszczyński, Tomasz Kłos, Jacek Bąk, Tomasz Rząsa - Euzebiusz Smolarek, Radosław Sobolewski, Mirosław Szymkowiak, Kamil Kosowski - Grzegorz Rasiak, Maciej Żurawski. Table...
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    ~Winning Eleven 9 First Impressions~

    Post'em if you've played. The online stores do have the game in stock NOW. They should start sendin it out today/tomorrow. The game has not yet been released in any other form if you know what I mean. Lets get the **** started. :D
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    Notebook tagged stuff will work on a desktop PC, right?

    Just making sure. I'm shopping for a WebCam, it says it for designed specifically for notebooks but it should work on a regular PC, right? just making sure, thx. :p :D
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    Is there an online launcher for WE8I?

    Does anyone know? Just the game, and the usb adapter, gotta try out the online mode. Anyone wanna hook-up for a game, hit me up.