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  1. deathcommand

    Death Command for FIFA19 WIP

    hello pals! as you already knows Death Command is back... and we´re working on FIFA19 Version!!!!!! Take a look our MOD Follow us for all the news and updates in
  2. deathcommand

    Death Command MOD *something diferent*

    DEATH COMMAND is back! **DOWNLOAD THE MOD FREE FROM HERE** Version 02 Play with the legendary team Death Command in your FIFA20! Also visit our site and download the comic! Please follow us! follow us to stay in touch with the new amazing updates! This is just the begining
  3. deathcommand

    How to edit touraments? DLC files

    Does anyone knows how to edit tournaments for FIFA 20, I used to do it with CM15 for FIFA15 ,BUT HERE... is there some tutorial? or something to explain how to edit the DLC files thanks a lot
  4. deathcommand

    specific eyes and body skins?

    Hi everyone! Iam trying to set a specific eye for my face, I don´t want to chance a "general eye" on the game.. I mean, i need to get a unique eye for my face. also with a body skin... does anyone knows how to do it on frosty? I´ll appreciate a lot!:confused:
  5. deathcommand

    Blank Names on game AFTER edit CM why?

    Dears! I made updates for some teams but i can´t see the names on the game after save it. There all on blank... I tryed to regen... and nothing please!! help me!! anyone there knows how Can I fix it?? Like the picture:
  6. deathcommand

    Death Command v2.0 PARA FIFA15!

    Hello!! You know Death Command for FIFA 15?? DOWNLOAD FREE FROM with a new tool!!! DC SWITCHER!!!
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    Innovative Mod For FIFA!