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  1. Forlan10

    Does anyone still use this tool?

    If so, how do I use it on Windows 10? It doesn't seem to be responsive to .NET Framework 3.5 and it appears to link to a different part of the registry than the FIFA 2005 folder actually is (I tried copying those registry data to HKEY_CURRENT_USER - they were installed to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) to...
  2. Forlan10

    Nothing's working anymore?!?

    OK, so I decided to use my mods on a fresh FIFA install. I did everything I could not to screw anything up, readded in each of my .CMPs, restructured the competitions to fit everything, regenerated everything at the end. Now, when I get into the game, Kick-Off works fine... BUT NOTHING ELSE...
  3. Forlan10

    Asia Continental Cup ID?

    Does anyone know what it is? I'm trying to make it in FIFA 16 (well, something slightly closer to the AFC Champions League anyway) and I want it to be consistent with 19.
  4. Forlan10

    "Failed to read past end of stream" on CM11

    I've been getting this exception when working on my old .CMPs, because I found out there's some inconsistent IDs - I'm thinking that might be the cause because it didn't happen until I started correcting the IDs to the ones officially supplied by EA. I'm thinking there might be a cap to the ID...
  5. Forlan10

    Tournaments showing up as "undefined"

    As I fiddled some more with the game on CM16, I decided to add more teams for the continental competitions. However, as a result, two of the leagues I added - the Egyptian Premier League and the Premiership in South Africa - are now bugged in the game, even though they worked fine before and I...
  6. Forlan10

    Prestige Level Setting

    This is just a quick doubt I have. On CM16, when creating or editing a league, you can set Prestige from 1 to 12 to determine how famous it is and, I don't know, to determine how likely it is for a player to accept a transfer to it or something. I know that 1 is for the top leagues (Premier...
  7. Forlan10

    Where to find FIFA Text Fonts?

    Per title. I tried to look up on Google but all I can find is the game logo font. I want the fonts that are used for in-game text. Also, where can I find the narrow font from 17 onward and how do I use them to replace the one in the game so mine won't look too dated?
  8. Forlan10

    Tournaments not showing up?!

    I have two leagues that I created (not in the sense of adding teams from one country, I mean I made the tournament forms for the leagues), and they used to work well until some time ago; now they show up as "undefined" when I try to play them on Tournament Mode and it's also causing the game to...
  9. Forlan10

    Tournaments crashing the game?

    New developments in my adventures in FIFA-modding. I'm trying to make a more complete national team tournament structure and, to that end, I expanded the Asian Cup, African Cup and Gold Glory Cup to have proper matches, and I also decided to create qualifiers for North America and Africa (also...
  10. Forlan10

    Unused IDs, who has them?

    Here's the thing: I've taken a look at some of the national teams I got on patches and all that, and I figured out some of them have IDs that were used elsewhere in the series (for example, Saudi Arabia NT had ID 111114, which is the exact same as when they brought it back on FIFA 18). What I...
  11. Forlan10

    Skins for managers

    I've been looking all around the web and have been having little luck with finding them. You know what I mean, right? Textures which you apply to the team managers so they won't appear generic. I seem to recall there was a thread with plenty of them here, but I can't find it. If someone knows...
  12. Forlan10

    Is World XI randomly generated?

    I feel this should be common knowledge, but I'm just asking to confirm my suspicions. I had edited World XI on CM16 with the 2016 FIFPro Team of the Year lineup, but when I booted the game, my lineup wasn't there. Then later, when I fired it up again, it was a completely different roster from...
  13. Forlan10

    FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 - 20th Anniversary Patch

    I'm sure a lot of people here remembers FIFA 98 and how it was the first major turning point for the series. While FIFA had already become a household name for virtual football in the four seasons before it, no game had achieved the utter scope of this one, in which you could take your own...
  14. Forlan10

    Why does modded game crash when starting tournaments?

    This is a recurring problem I've been having, and I figured I should open this thread to be more certain that I'll get an answer, and also because I didn't get any meaningful results searching for similar threads (I even tried Googling it, to no avail). Here's the thing: I have been modding...
  15. Forlan10

    Game crashes to desktop when selecting some teams

    My FIFA 11 for PC is modded, with new leagues and teams and, while most of them work fine, there are some teams that make the game crash when I select them. And the weird thing is, checking them on Creation Master, I can't see anything wrong or lacking: they have home and away kits, assigned...
  16. Forlan10

    Doubt about modding Origin version of FIFA 13

    Hey there, I've got a new computer and I'm reinstalling FIFA 13 on it. I have the game disc, but for some reason my Win8 won't read it, so I had to download it off Origin (since I already had it registered when I installed the game in my previous Win7 PC). Here's the thing: I want to mod the...
  17. Forlan10

    FIFA RTWC 98 Flag Editor, anyone?

    Please wipe out this thread. I found all the solutions I sought in this regard.