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  1. decoruiz

    Women's Football Patch 20

    Hi there, guys. The Women's Football Patch 20 has been in a beta phase for a few months now and I've decided to post it here to anyone who is interested. Female football has been calling much more attention than before and it was time to bring them to FIFA 20. I've joined OlliX from the original...
  2. decoruiz

    Kits by decoruiz

    Hi there, here we go again! I've made the PS Minikit Generator last year and I've been studying EA's kits textures (color, coeff and normal ones) and models in order to make them better. Might have something new on that sometime later. But for now, just kits. Starting with Flamengo...
  3. decoruiz

    Photoshop CC Minikit Generator

    [EDIT APR 20th: VERSION 2.0 released! Improved kit textures and introducing long sleeves! Link for info and tutorial here!] You are a kitmaker and have trouble to make minikits? Or you are not a kitmaker but have downloaded a beautiful kit without minikit and don't know how to make them? Yeah...
  4. decoruiz

    decoruiz's Kits

    Hello, guys. I've previously made some kits for FIFA 16 and for a PES 2015/2016 patch, and now here are my work for FIFA 18. Remember I'm not a pro like many others in here. Starting with a preview only for Flamengo home kit. Still working on details (specially the sleeves sponsors) and...
  5. decoruiz

    deco20's Kits

    Hello, guys! I'm a starting kitmaker from Brazil. I've made some kits for personal use, but decided to post them here to learn more about it and improve. Kit index download: Atlético Mineiro (Brazil) Grêmio (Brazil) - v1.1 Orlando City (MLS) - Away only Santos (Brazil) - v1.2
  6. decoruiz

    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA World Stadiums

    Thanks to willams9991 discovery in his post here in the SG forums, jenkey1002 for his amazing FIFA 14 Demo File Loader (included, hope it's not a problem) and EA for the stadium models from the free-to-play FIFA World Beta, here's 8 statiums which will replace Camp Nou in the FIFA 14 Demo. To...
  7. decoruiz

    Decoruiz' South American Faces

    Hello guys! After seeing so many good faces in this forum I've started to do some of them by myself. My textures pretty bad at the moment, but I hope I can learn to make them better with time. Here are my first two players: FRED (Fluminense-BRA) VAGNER LOVE (Flamengo-BRA)