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  1. Ebonix
  2. Ebonix

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! YES! YES!!!!!!!

    I remember seeing Fede roaming around years ago.
  3. Ebonix

    Let's keep Soccergaming alive

    She's dead Jim :nape:
  4. Ebonix

    Whatcha listenin' to?

    Dime$ - Fly Anakin & Koncept Carlos$on
  5. Ebonix

    The SG Video Games Thread

    The snippet we played in the game was Chapter 9. Didn't really give you much idea of how it fit into the story though. It's okay, but I only played about 20 minutes. It's like an early Resident Evil mixed with Silent Hill, but it lacks on creating an atmosphere really. They made a point that...
  6. Ebonix

    The SG Video Games Thread

    Oculus is amazing. Valkyrie is basically a space based shooter from the pilots POV where you fly out and have dog fights with other people. To begin with the guy showing it to me asked me to look at my feet, felt really weird seeing in game feet that weren't my own in a first person view...
  7. Ebonix

    The SG Video Games Thread

    I went to EGX yesterday guys, played the games below, let me know if you've got any questions about any of them :- Assassin's Creed Rogue The Evil Within Eve Valkyrie (on Oculus Rift) Alien Isolation Fary Cry 4 Evolve FIFA 15
  8. Ebonix

    New Kits 2014/2015

    Nike these days man, they just don't bring anything to the table.
  9. Ebonix

    The SG Video Games Thread

    As far as I'm aware they don't do these in the UK. Then again FIFA is like COD over here, an online community of 14 year olds who are racist and spend too much time on the game.
  10. Ebonix

    10 years, 16'000 posts.

    In my experience, nobody is really impressed by a high post count on here. I may well just know some complete tools though
  11. Ebonix

    The SG Video Games Thread

    No idea, play the pro evo demo instead, it's the best Pro Evo in years.
  12. Ebonix

    10 years, 16'000 posts.

    You're a geek.
  13. Ebonix

    Does anyone still do graphics here? Need a few logos doing

    I have Microsoft Word & Wordart. What'll it be?
  14. Ebonix

    Soft Drinks....

    Found a place in a town by me that sells Vanilla Coke by the case. Don't know how much though, I know the single cans are like £1.50 though. They also sell Mountain Dew; which is something that I'm particularily fond of.
  15. Ebonix

    Last movie you watched

    Off to watch Dark Knight Rises later (H)
  16. Ebonix

    Anime and Olympics thread

    I can see why people believe England has some ugly women, the majority of Team GB are dreadful.
  17. Ebonix

    Anime and Olympics thread

    I'm actually predicting that Usain Bolt won't win the 100m Final in London. He's spent too much time selling out. On a lighter note, to provide the other end of the thread.
  18. Ebonix

    How is everybody doing?

    Mines shrunk
  19. Ebonix

    The SG Video Games Thread

    I do think that Third Person action games are few and far between but they should be utilised more often. I'm tempted by Ghost Recon but I'm not sure whether it'd be too futuristic for me. I don't tend to get on with Sci-Fi based games, Halo being a series that I'm particularly not fond of.
  20. Ebonix

    New Kits 2012/2013

    I love the Marseille away kit. Looks like it could be out of the 90s