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    Game Crashes, Says DirectX... Help!

    FIFA 18 has been running perfectly for months, including this morning. I had to re-download the WC update two hours ago, and now the game crashes before starting a match. I caught a glimpse of the error message just once... it said something about DirectX, might have even said DirectX 11 which...
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    So Sick Of EA's Random "Difficulty" Coding

    This really is the bane of my existence. Every year it's the same thing: 1. I spend hours tweaking the files and players and teams to play on NORMAL difficulty, in a REALISTIC manner. 2. I have a night like last night. Playing a series of exhibition matches, the game plays beautifully! Game...
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    Download: Latest EA Squads Update With All Players 17 Years Old

    I posted this for someone in another thread that disappeared. Posting it again in case others want to start a career with all players 17 years of age, I know a few people have asked for that. No point letting my work go to waste:
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    DB Editing Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

    Credits and thanks: to Moddingway for his fabulous FIFA Squads Files Converter tool and for sharing his db files; to Fidel for all the mods, files and editing tips he happily provides and shares; and to regularcat who helped mentor me years ago when I was a novice at all this. -------...
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    FIFA 17 Editing Request - Internal Master

    Seeing that the Squad saves can be opened with rinaldo's Internal Master tool, could someone post a link to the tool for those of us who don't have it? rinaldo's site is defunct and it would be great if we could have a thread dedicated to posting links for his tools that people need but don't...
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    Using Line Sliders to Vary CPU Tactics and Style

    A common complaint with FIFA is the lack of CPU team differentiation; teams all play a similar tactical style. One way to add tactical variation is to spend hours editing individual CPU team tactics. But a much easier way to accomplish the same thing is to adjust CPU Line sliders before each...
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    Practice Arena and Free Kicks

    For anyone interested: Fidel trick I just tried and it works... Add SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1 to the cl and you'll go directly to the practice arena when starting the game, hit left d-pad to practice free kicks. Oddly the arena shooting is much better, more ummph and better kick sounds than the poor...
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    Sound Glitch?

    Just wondering if this issue is specific to my modded files or if others are experiencing this... I have a fairly constant sound glitch in my game where the ball-kick sound is muted and/or cuts out completely. Happens exclusively when my team has the ball in my end near my goal while passing...
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    Official FIFA > PES Spew Thread

    For all those who wish to rant and/or simply can't help themselves, this will save you from having to hijack some other thread with your off-topic opinions regarding said topic...
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    Camera Codes Work In Arena

    Cl.ini. I play with zoom at 16, any higher and it becomes a FPS: PRO_CAM_ZOOM_MAX = 100 PRO_CAM_ZOOM_MIN = 0.025
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    Enigma: Crash Issue After Reformat

    A real head-scratcher here... I reformatted my PC this week, then downloaded and reinstalled FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 demo from Origin. But both games (original unedited files) now crash at the start match screen. PES 2014 runs perfectly, so what could be causing this issue with both FIFA games...
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    Use CM 13 To Edit The FIFA 14 Demo

    Seems to work perfectly for editing players. I haven't tried editing teams and formations yet: 1. Use DBM 12 to export the players and teamplayerlinks tables from the FIFA 14 demo, then paste those two tables in your FIFA 13 db. 2. Open your FIFA 13 db with CM 13. Click on the Roster tab top...
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    The Biggest Problem With This Stupid Game

    Makes no difference which player ratings, formations or tactics you edit, or which sliders, db or product file you use...
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    Database Edits To Reduce Game Speed

    It seems a lot of people are finding the CPU in FIFA 13 too attack-oriented and the game speed too fast. With that in mind, I'll be sharing files and editing suggestions that can help slow things down a bit pace-wise. Hopefully this helps improve your FIFA gaming experience as much as it has...
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    Sound Editing/Modding - Anyone Have Expertise ?

    I'm interested in doing some sound editing this year. But I've noticed a complete lack of any sound mods for any of the FIFA games. Is that because the sound files can't be easily opened? I tried using Rinaldo's FIFA 10 sound editor last year but it didn't work with FIFA 12. If anyone has any...
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    Injury rating for players: Is there one?

    I've searched the forum for the answer, and gone thru the player ratings several times. Unless I'm blind, I can't see an Injury rating for players. Is there a player rating that increases/decreases a player's injury tendency? Thanks for any help.
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    Custom formation info -- Where is it stored?

    Here's the deal: I created a couple of custom formations. I overwrote one of them, but when I started my game up again all the custom formation info was corrupted which ruined my roster save. So I loaded up a whole new roster, but lo and behold the custom formations were still listed in the...
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    Where can I find a FIFA 12 roster editor?

    Hi, I'm looking for a roster editor for FIFA 12 that allows one to edit player ratings as I'd like to make some global edits. The PES site always has 2-3 different roster editors for that game, but I can never find one for FIFA. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.