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  1. Matt Holme

    Are new threads working ok

    Just testing to see. Please ignore this thread, going to be used for testing purposes to clean up a couple of issues we are having.
  2. Matt Holme

    Tapatalk Installed at SG Forums

    We've just installed Tapatalk ( This means that anyone with a smart phone (iphone, android, blackberry etc) will be able to use the Tapatalk app to view the SG Forums in a mobile friendly format. Simply visit on your smart phone and you'll be...
  3. Matt Holme

    Post Your Team's Kit Photos for Season 2004/05

    To ensure the accuracy of your team's kits in FIFA 2005, feel free to post photos of your team's new season kits in this thread. Post as many photos as you wish, with any text which can be used to describe the kits. This thread is purely for photos and new season kit references and not for...
  4. Matt Holme

    Euro 2004 Demos Out Now

    Talk about this news over at the Euro 2004 Forum.
  5. Matt Holme

    Euro 2004 Demos Out Now

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="97%"><tr><td width="100%"><font size="2"><font face="Arial"><b>Euro 2004 Demos Out Now</b></font></font></td></tr><tr><td width="100%"><font size="2" face="Arial">The three unique Euro 2004 demos have just been released. Grab them from the...
  6. Matt Holme

    Euro 2004 Will Be Released in North America

    Just to finally answer that question once and for all, it will be released in North America.
  7. Matt Holme

    Euro 2004 Multimedia Thread

    Post all new screenshots and videos you find for Euro 2004 in this thread. We used the same system for FIFA 2004 before it was released and it saved us from having to sift through hundreds of individual threads for new screenshots and videos. Other than this, feel free to start new topics in...
  8. Matt Holme

    EA Recruiting Football Researchers and French Chanters

    If you wish to become a researcher for future EA football games check out this URL: If you are from France and wish to attend a chant recording session for FIFA 2005 visit for more info.
  9. Matt Holme

    Japan, Argentina, Portugal, Spain & Rep of Ire Football Brains

    Does anyone here have good knowledge of the Japanese and Rep of Ireland national football teams? I need some info on these teams. If you think you can spend 5 minutes helping, can you please email [email protected]? Thanks.
  10. Matt Holme

    Euro 2004 Kits Needed

    I need to find the following kits for the Euro 2004 tournament. If anyone has found them could they please post photos in this thread? Italy Bulgaria Switzerland Portugal (A) Czech Republic (A) Russia (A) Croatia (A) Any help is much appreciated and will obviously go towards making...
  11. Matt Holme

    Pop Ups and Pop Unders

    Are many people seeing these at the forums? I have had a couple of complaints. Firstly, let me say that I don't want pop ups in these forums. I don't control all of the ads that appear at the top... they are randomly displayed by an adverstising rep. They are not meant to be showing pop...
  12. Matt Holme

    Kahn Wins Case Against EA

    "HAMBURG, Germany (AP) -- An appeals court ruled Tuesday in favor of Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn in his bid to prevent his name and image from being used in a U.S. company's computer game without his permission. Hamburg's highest state court upheld a similar verdict by a lower court...
  13. Matt Holme

    First Person To Get a Girl To Post Here Wins

    These forums have been around in one form or another since 1997. In these 6 years there (to the best of my knowledge) has not been one single girl register and post. The challenge is to get one of your female friends to register and post here. It might liven things up. ;) Please don't...
  14. Matt Holme

    Winners Announced

    After three months of trivia questions, and over 2000 entrants, the lucky winners of the Soccer Gaming Football Fever Give-Away have been drawn. These winners were part of the 71 entrants who scored a perfect 15/15 in the trivia questions. 1st Prize: PS2, Network Adapter and FIFA 2004...
  15. Matt Holme

    PES3 Reviewer Needed

    I am looking for someone to review PES3 for both the PS2 and PC for Soccer Gaming. Last year Neutral reviewed PES2, but I cannot seem to find him online these days to see if he wants to do a new review. If you have experience writting reviews let me know and we can work things out.
  16. Matt Holme

    Official PC Patch Details & Installation Issues

    Just in time for the PC release, EA SPORTS have announced the details of what their upcoming FIFA 2004 PC Patch will add and fix. The patch is expected out in the next 24-48 hours. As soon as it is available we will have a direct link on this website. The patch will feature: - Added...
  17. Matt Holme

    FIFA 2004 PS2 Online Issues - Solution

    EA SPORTS have passed on the following info for those of you who are having trouble playing FIFA 2004 PS2 online. If you are having problems connecting to other players and your PlayStation®2 is behind a firewall you will need to open up the communication ports that FIFA Football 2004 uses...
  18. Matt Holme

    Hrvoje's Kit Thread

    Hrvoje will be posting all of his FIFA 2004 kits here in future. I started this topic for him as his posting rights were taken away a while ago. He can reply to topics though.
  19. Matt Holme

    Teams List Was Incorrect

    I received word from EA that the teams list posted on this site earlier today was actually incorrect. Although these teams were listed in the demo files, not all of them actually made it into the game due to licensing restraints. The full and complete list will be released this week.
  20. Matt Holme

    No Demo Yet: We'll inform when is out

    I'm just as disapointed as everyone to read this news. Unfortunately there were some small errors found in the setup files of the demo, and new setup files will need to be sent from EA Canada to EA UK (who are releasing the demo). Unfortunately this means the demo won't be available until next...