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  1. Johnny28ua

    FIFA 21 balls to FIFA 14

    I will convert the balls, I will not take screenshots since I deleted my FIFA 14 a long time ago, please let me know how to find the problem with the balls. All models of FIFA 21 balls are reduced and adjusted, thank you very much @Mishuk
  2. Johnny28ua

    Balls FIFA 21 to FIFA 16

    miniballs FIFA 21 to FIFA 16 dds files LINK:
  3. Johnny28ua

    Balls Johnny

    Guys all the balls I dropped for FIFA 16 I want to convert them all for FIFA 14 Thanks for some credits @pao4ever and @riesscar @vito thanks guys :-);-)
  4. Johnny28ua

    Graphics Johnny

    Editing graphics.In this topic you can find corner flags, balls, boots, adboards, etc. by @Johnny28ua