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  1. Sami 1999

    FIFA 21 discussion thread So PC is not getting next gen port again. I'm so done with EA. Gonna skip inferior ports as usual. And another shitty year for pc. Looks like my break for Fifa will be extended for another year.
  2. Sami 1999

    Need some help with modding Database of the World Cup mode

    For some reason, CG File Explorer doesn't work at all on my latest update of windows 10. So I'm left with Frosty Editor, which shouldn't be an issue I think. Cause I have db master and should be able to edit the db files using it directly, hopefully. But I'm having a hard time figuring out...
  3. Sami 1999

    Cursed T-Pose bug

    Very few people seemed to be suffering from this cursed bug. But when it happens, it's pretty much over. There have been some potential solutions but I've tried all of them and none of them works. Some said it was OS related issue. But I think it's more like hardware related. Apparently it...
  4. Sami 1999

    Match intro cinematics of FiFA 11 console version is longer!

    I can't believe it.. Does anyone know what files are the cutscene files of this game? I have a ps3 copy of this game. So if it's possible to import the files from the console since both are using same engine, it will be great.
  5. Sami 1999

    Frosty Editor's encryption key?

    Where can I get the key? Another problem is if someone decides to mod these games after many years and no one has the key by then and there's no place to find the key, how will they mod the games? Is there a way to find the key from the game's exe or anything? I think this key requirement is...
  6. Sami 1999

    FiFA 19 PC- Dx12 Cutscenes are locked to 30 FPS again. Guys, if you have time, please bump that^ thread to make EA aware of this issue. Cutscenes are locked to 30 FPS on Dx12 API and on Window mode for both Dx11 and Dx12. This...
  7. Sami 1999

    Anyone still have the official 1.1 patch for FiFA 2004?

    All the official EA links are down and I can't find it anywhere on internet. Without this patch I can't even change the fuckin controls.
  8. Sami 1999

    [Tutorial] Fix for playing FiFA 2002 on modern hardware

    I've finally found a way to run FiFA 2002 on CPUs having more than 2.00 GHz speed. I can't guarantee if it will work on all PCs, let me know if it doesn't work on your PC and I will check if I can do anything to make it work. Anyway, this is a long tutorial. So read all the instructions...
  9. Sami 1999

    FiFA 08 Ps3/Xbox 360 version running on PC

    It sucks how garbage FiFA 08 was on PC. Not only it was a stupid ps2 port, but it also looked worse than FiFA 07 which actually had some acceptable graphics for a Ps2 port. Balls in FiFA 08 didn't even had shading, making them look cartoonish. Anyway, FiFA 08 can now be loaded with Ps3 emulator...
  10. Sami 1999

    FIFA 18 Age Restriction Error

    For fuck's sake, what now!? This happened after I started my game using Frosty Mod Manager. I didn't play any online matches while launching the game with mod manager, so I don't know why this error would even show up? I get this when starting the game. I can press Q later in main menu to...
  11. Sami 1999

    Max LOD Mod

    Yeah, it maximizes the LODs. So no more low poly zombies during gameplay. Download Link You gotta use it via Frosty Editor. I tried exporting to mod format for use with Frosty'sModManager but then I can't launch the game. It just gives an error. Anyway, here's the tutorial to do it by...
  12. Sami 1999

    Incomplete Face Model Discussion Thread

    If you haven't noticed already, there are lots of players in FiFA 18 that have incomplete face files. Like textures are missing but the base model is there. Head models look like old models from previous games, maybe they forgot to remove everything. Take a look at David Beckham for example...
  13. Sami 1999

    How about a Discord server for this forum?

    Yep, just like the title says, a discord server for this forum. It will be easier that way for quick communications between modders instead of sending message via pm, which can take some time.
  14. Sami 1999

    FIFA 18 Thumbnail Has "Test Code" On It?

    This is ridiculous. I payed 56.25 $ and after redeeming my code it had Test Code on it's corner. What does it mean? Was I scammed? I bought key cause I don't have credit card to buy directly from Origin. Will these get removed from my Account? Then it will be a total waste of my hard saved...
  15. Sami 1999

    FIFA 18 Screenshot Thread

  16. Sami 1999

    FiFA 10 is not running on Windows 10 Creators Update!

    I have already installed Dx9.0c like I always did [With Windows 7 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update in the past] but now the ame keeps telling me to install Dx9 even though its already installed. I tried installing Dx9 again but theres no luck so far. Please can anyone help me? Is anyone else...
  17. Sami 1999

    Image Quality VS Frame Rate [And Refresh Rate]

    Just like the title says, what do you prefer? I'm not much of a competitive gamer, so to me, 60Fps is fine enough. I try to keep a graphics setting that's able to maintain constant 60Fps with few drops. I can get 90+ easily, but the sacrifice image quality isn't worth to me. Another...
  18. Sami 1999

    Using custom resolutions for Nvidia's DSR. All credits to this dude: jim2point0 DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) is downsampling method for Nvidia GPUs. It provides better Anti Aliased picture with sharper textures...
  19. Sami 1999

    [Download] Bigger Player Indicator Icon

    This is a half assed fix for small player indicators when playing at higher resolutions like at 1800p or more. Still looks small at 2160p but playable. Looks okay on 1800p. The fix was very easy and anyone can nake it in minutes, but incase you haven't figured out yet- download from here. The...
  20. Sami 1999

    Force Manual Refresh Rate In FIFA 16?

    My monitor's max refresh rate is 75hz. But I set my desktop refresh rate to 60hz. All other games seem to stay at 60hz for that reason. But Fifa 16 somehow- changes the refresh rate to 74hz and I get stutters if I turn on Msaa (the frame rate drops to 64-75 in closeups, thus stutterings)...