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  1. valambrosio2

    Val's Classic amateur kits (no request)

    CD Tenerife 96 home
  2. valambrosio2

    The mysterious thread

    Info and details coming in time.. Please don't ask for details Please don't ask for dates Please don't ask what and how Since months work is done behind the scene, even if lot are waiting, things are made in their time and would come at their time thanks at my friend @tokke001 for this fifa...
  3. valambrosio2

    Some Chants Packs

    Well starting with some updated chants packs :) no Requests National Teams ***************** Netherlands NT Feel free to give opinion about sound level this is only beta for this one :)
  4. valambrosio2

    Full UCL 04/05 until 19/20 project addon

    The title of the thread speaks for itself... Here are a few screens, more info later I'm searching for a fifa 10 and fifa 09 extracted databases in excell (db master 09 and 10 don't work on my computer)
  5. valambrosio2

    Classic Patch post 10's Expansion - V1 and Update Released

    V1 Complete and Update FIX are released All stuff is listed in the spoiler, even if I had to delete the stadiums list because the post is limited to 10 000 characters. All Copa America tournaments created, available in Nations DLC, European Cup 2015-20 for clubs expanded with 128 teams...
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    Kit conversion program or batch to FIFA 10/09/08 kits templates help

    Hi, this is mainly in a classic patch purpose. We have all kits from fifa 08 / fifa 09 and fifa 10 that use the same kit template (fifa 08 is more squared, but resized to rectangular shape it's the same as 09 and 10 template). Unfortunately, they can not be used in 14 because of this, template...