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    Commentary Issues In International Games

    Hi, In need of help here. Whenever I play international teams, there's virtually no commentary at all. It works fine with clubs. Anyone knows how I can remedy this? My version is from Origin (direct download). I have googled and search for similar problems but to no avail. P/S I...
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    FIFA-ASIA World Tour 2012 ( 90 +National Teams patch)

    Yet to install this, but I have one worry to this otherwise AWESOME patch. Does the rosters and all get affected when we play in career mode? I have played the 2011 edition and during transfer datelines, clubs are buying players off international teams and a search for a particular player will...
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    World Tour 2011 Version 2 "Announcement"

    Love what you have done for the international teams. We can basically have every country represented here. One question though,has the problem with transfers been solved at club level? For example having Nani getting transferred from both Man U and Portugal. There's also the problem of having...
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    FIX for those having frame/lag issues...AUTO Set CPU Affinity and Priority

    I have tried what has been recommended. Upgrading my RAM to 3gb, priority settings from normal to even low, upgrade my Nvidia 9500GT Drivers, but the demo is still unplayable. Fraps has a reading on the menu at 30, during practice (without stadium environments) at 60, but once the game...
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    FIX for those having frame/lag issues...AUTO Set CPU Affinity and Priority

    I have the following:- Pentium D 2.8ghz 1.5gb Ram Nvidia Geforce 9500 O/S Windows XP sp 3 I get extreme lag and its not playable, even with priority settings to "normal". Now what am I doing wrong or rather what else should I be tweaking? I have run Can You Fix it by System Requirement Labs...
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    Specs for Fifa 11?

    Yeah, pretty figured that one out. Thanks anyway. Anything I else I am not doing right? How do I know if my graphics supports shader 3 model?
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    Specs for Fifa 11?

    Hey guys, can you review my specs? Pentium D 2.80ghz 1.5gb RAM Graphic Card - Nvidia GeForce 9500GT It lags like hell once the match goes into stadium and yes I have set priority to "normal". Is updating my RAM sufficient?
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    Brazilian Ronaldo's Face?

    Er.. since you got in right, can fill me in? Like in your first post, I filled his position in as 33 and did as what Keegan said, he still didn't appear. TIA. :innocent_smile_1:
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    Brazilian Ronaldo's Face?

    Please kindly forgive me for asking a total noob question. I have done as you said opened up both 08 and 09 db and done the necessary... i.e in filling up the common fields and the not compatible ones as well. I saved fifa 09.db and attached big Ron to Flamengo. His name appears saved in the db...
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    I feel your frustrations as well. This has got to be the hardest installment of FIFA ever. Apart from what is mentioned by the TS, I think this game is like playing against GOD. I don't know if its just me, but the AI for the goalkeeper is just ridiculous. I set the goalkeeper AI down to...
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    New AI patch from FIFA Korea

    I get funny characters.. in the installation.. I pressed a few thingies and it downloaded. It makes the gameplay rather difficult. The ball bounces are more realistic and the long range shots often fly. Goalkeeper AI for the opponent seems to have been improved too. The only main problem I have...
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    Does anyone know how to take a first time shot proper, on keyboard? I have send in numerous crosses right to a Forward who just balloons the ball even though he is one on one with the keeper. He either volleys across the goal mouth, or does an overhead kick but all seems to go over. I can't...
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    Creation Master 07 Released

    Sorry mate.. must've been overlooked. Have since installed net framework V.2 and it runs well. Did some minor adjustments and they work great. P/S I also installed a patch by Victor Marcao with some updates for national teams i.e Netherlands, Ivory Coast,.. I usually play with national teams and...
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    Creation Master 07 Released

    I have the exact same problem and its really getting frustrating. The same when I tried to install CC as well. Pls can anyone help.
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    Creation Centre 2007 Released

    I get the error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application." after installation. Running Win XP Pro Service Pack 2.
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    Hungarian Borsodi League Patch-FVM Project 20

    Another question... I installed FVM Project 18 patch.. I was building up a custom tournament and wanted to play as Brazil.. whenever I go into "International Selections" with Brazil.. the game crashes. I have randomly tried it with other countries with no problems.. only Brazil.. WHY?
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    Hungarian Borsodi League Patch-FVM Project 20

    I downloaded this.. but when I try to install it says "This file contains invalid data".. anyone?
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    Ok.. I have downlaoded the 1st part of kits addon.. but how do you install it? It says windows cannot read this file and its a torrent file... sorry I am a total idiot at this.. so can anyone please help me out here?
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    CEP07 3.0 Released

    Ok... I am a total noob. I installed the CEP V3.1. Few questions: 1) Why does my adboards and some kits remain green and red? With the words "Texture Missing". According to the readme files I should run fatbhbuilder.exe in my data files. I can't locate it? In my data files there's 2 files with...
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    Game crashing!

    Me bad.... it was a damn hardware problem on my PC. The power supply connector was faulty. But after I changed it and did a reformat on my HD, my copy of FIFA 07 seems to be faulty. :( AAAAARGGGHHHHH!!!!