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    "el Clássico" Oficial Thread

    Hmm Real are my second favorite team but I have to say the chances are slim for them... But hey my gut feeling tells me Real won't be too disappointed and too many are picking Barcelona for this... So I pick Real to win in this one (H) Hala Madrid! Forza Raul!!!!! (H)
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    Liverpool FC

    I'm hoping for the same thing lol...if it happens again then...ill cry lol (j/k) But knowing our luck especially in this competition we're probably gonna get nailed with Barcelona... Anyways, great campaign for Liverpool so far
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    Another great win today :) It's good we managed to get back on our feet after that blunder on wednesday...that match could've been very damaging to our morale... Ibra though has to be a bit more imposing in these matches. I feel as though even if he has the potential to accomplish great...
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    AC Milan Thread [2008/09]

    Why? I don't see anything wrong with your form at the moment :D Just stay ahead of Juventus (Y)
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    What's your Favorite Thanksgiving food?

    From my experience early days in January from the 2nd around to the 7th prove to be the cheapest days of all
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    ..:: My Minikits For FIFA09 ::..

    Hmmm well I like the mini template I use simply because it looks really cool imo :P But I also like Chrisbor's long sleeve template...I think its those would have to be my two favorite templates (Y)
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    AC Milan Thread [2008/09]

    So, what's the deal with Nesta? I know he was supposed to come back from injury but apparantly he's gone back for treatment? Do any of you Milan fans know what's happening now? I'm asking cuz Nesta is one of my favorite players, and it would be a shame for him to retire now...hopefully he'll...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    Great win by us, we completely 0wned them (H) Let's keep the momentum going! :33vff3o:
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    ..:: My Minikits For FIFA09 ::..

    Not a fan of the template but your minis are great nonetheless (Y)
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    My 09 Kits

    Ummm hey guys, gald you all like the Inter kits! (Y) And yeah...Inter is a team I kinda like...just wanted to clarify so everyone knew (Y) lol...anyways...haven't had much time but I managed to update one of my designs: Spain Home 2008-2010 Hopefully the model now is more...
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    Chrisbor's (mini)kits

    Super minis mate :)
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    aCap's Untucked shirt patch thread

    Yes you can :) Btw acap, great work (Y)
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    Wooo! Nice win today! :D Kind of a one-man show in the end, but hey, who can complain about Ibra!!!! (Y) Let's hope he'll keep on playing like this for the entire season...if he does we surely have a chance at the CL!! (Y)
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    xisco's Kit Thread[Round 3: 2008-2009]

    Great kits mate! (Y)
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    My 09 Kits

    Goalkeeper 3 Serie A|Champions League Comments? :D :browsmiley:
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    My 09 Kits

    Internazionale Milano Kitpack 2008-2009 (Champions League) Home|Away 1| Away 2|Away Centenario|Goalkeeper 1|Goalkeeper 2 **V-neck on all!**
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    My 09 Kits

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the comments and Silencer thanks for the Screens, they really help! Now this kitpack has been redesigned and it’s also a little big! Internazionale Milano Kitpack 2008-2009 (Serie A) Home|Away 1| Away 2|Away Centenario|Goalkeeper 1|Goalkeeper 2 **V-Neck on...
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    Karma Kits

    Welcome back karma!! :33vff3o:
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    Hjbs Danish 09 Kits

    Great kits mate! (Y)
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    My 09 Kits

    Hey guys Silencer: Thanks a million for those screens mate! I don’t have o-edit, so your screens are really useful in pointing out some parts I’m not pleased about, thanks! Hope they keep coming! Well I’ve been remaking some kit models, so to test a few here’s a new kitpack! I’ll be...