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    FIFA Master Roadmap BY Rinaldo

    I've found this on Rinaldo's web site,so you can read guys...he is doing a great job,thx Rinaldo. ;) Rinaldo wrote: ''As you probably know FIFA 11 for PC is very different from the previous versions of the game. This means that all the tools for editing the game must be redesigned...
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    El Clasico Barcelona-Real Madrid

    Where are you gonna watch this match?on internet?on which chanells? i am very excited about this match. :taz:
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    UEFA Champion league and Europa League staff

    Cheers guys....i open this topic for UEFA cups.So if you created anything that is relevant for UEFA cups,or it is part of it,for example kits,adboards,scoreboards,pop ups,balls,boots,anthem,anything...please post it here so we can have it all on one place...we all love this beautiful cups,so if...
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    Internal Master 11 - Beta 1 released

    I saw that rinaldo released Internal Master 11 - Beta 1,so here is the descripition. The first Beta version of Internal master 11 is available for download. It allows to open and visualize alll the files saved by FIFA 11 like manager files, tournament files, squads files etc. The save...
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    Champions League anthem in Fifa 11

    I found this on EA forum,it's sounds good: Now we know that custom music can be played as a team walks out onto the pitch, we'll be able to assign the Champions League anthem to be played at the start of ECC matches. Here's an mp3 of the anthem, around 3 minutes long...