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    Variable to make CPU do more substitutions?

    Hi, This is a question for the gameplay gurus : I made my own gameplay for Fifa06 where there was a variable in the common.ini I could set to DO_CPU_SUB=3 to make the CPU do more substitutions during matches, however this doesn't seem to work in Fifa07. By default the CPU controlled team...
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    Allianz Arena in full 2GK

    I have converted the Allianz Arena Stadium from UEFA CL game to Fifa07 in easy to import .cmp format (Creation Master 07 needed) Also all the floodlights are perfectly positioned and all menu and loading screens are included. Everything works in 2GK including adboards, kits, balls ect...
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    Fifa 4 Fans and their "borrowed" sound patches

    I was banned from the F4F forums and all my posts were censored and deleted, I have no other choice but to publish the scandalous way of working of F4F, a once respected site, and their "sound team" which in fact should be called thieves team on every Fifa related forum to warn the other sound...
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    Released : Italian Mega Sound Patch 07

    Hi all, Just a notice here to announce the release of the Italian Mega Sound Patch 07. Features : Mega Sound patch dedicated to the Italian Calcio in the Electronic Arts PC game * 801 different chants total! * Authentic Ultras chants for every team of Serie A and B and the...