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    A new wrinkle to the cup replay bug

    My first season Hereford team battled their way to an FA Cup final berth but the season culminated in a heartbreaking loss (to Hull City!!) on penalties, courtesy of three bottom corner saves by the opposing keeper. After the match I received the messages I was expecting about training sessions...
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    Fix for Team Experience bug in Manager Mode

    Folks, I have created and tested a fix for this issue, which involves correcting the metadata in FIFA.DB and updating existing manager mode saved game files to adjust the playerstats entries accordingly. However, before I go through the effort of wrapping this up in the EAFFAnalyser GUI...
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    Beta testers needed for new features of EAFFAnalyser

    Folks, Would you like to be able to: import your new or updated FIFA 08 custom formations into an existing manager mode career?? resurrect a FIFA 07 or FIFA 08 career that has stalled at the start of a new season because you have more than 30 players on your team and the game crashes when...
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    Official patch for PC version??

    Those of an adventurous nature might be interested in the following: Patches for PC DVD version Patches for PC direct download version However, I can find no official word from EA on this patch, and it seems odd to upload the files to the download site and then not announce them...
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    Steve Pitts' EAFFAnalyser v2.1 released into the wild

    Folks, After more than two years in various stages of beta testing EAFFAnalyser - a tool for extracting information from FIFA 2005, FIFA 06 and FIFA 07 data files - was finally unveiled to the general public earlier today, thanks to the good offices of Dave Witts at Sweetpatch. There is a...
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    PC Manager mode testing help sought

    Folks, I am seeking some help from those that are playing manager mode on the PC. Firstly, is there anyone that has a current career with the problem with the same team appearing twice in the ECC?? This seems to happen most often with Fenerbahce, but I've read anecdotal evidence to the...
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    Missing icon graphic??

    Folks, Looks like there is a missing .GIF file - images/buttons/viewpost.gif - for the View Post link that gets added to quoted headers since the vBulletin upgrade.
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    PC DB and career analyser - beta testers sought

    [Note to the admins. I thought very hard about the best place to post this, and I have deliberately not done so to the Editing forum, because this utility cannot be used to edit anything, just to report on player attributes and various aspects of careers] Folks. For the past four months...