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  1. Matt Holme

    Are new threads working ok

    Test again
  2. Matt Holme

    Are new threads working ok

    New test :)
  3. Matt Holme

    Are new threads working ok

    Just testing to see. Please ignore this thread, going to be used for testing purposes to clean up a couple of issues we are having.
  4. Matt Holme

    Tapatalk Installed at SG Forums

    Try now, should be working.
  5. Matt Holme

    Tapatalk Installed at SG Forums

    Ah, a technical issue. Will fix it now.
  6. Matt Holme

    Tapatalk Installed at SG Forums

    We've just installed Tapatalk ( This means that anyone with a smart phone (iphone, android, blackberry etc) will be able to use the Tapatalk app to view the SG Forums in a mobile friendly format. Simply visit on your smart phone and you'll be...
  7. Matt Holme

    Mobile App for Soccer Gaming Forums.

    Well we've just installed Tapatalk. Check out the SG Forums on a smart phone and you'll see it in action.
  8. Matt Holme

    FIFA 10 Forum - Coming Soon

    Our issues are fixed. The new FIFA 10 forums and sub-forums will be created today.
  9. Matt Holme

    Is this forum dead or what??? (Moved from PES section)

    Lior is always welcome... maybe someday he'll surprise us with a post. Yes, his removal was purely a security measure.
  10. Matt Holme

    What is this site?

    Yes, we're taking care of the homepage link issue. Other than that, and the fact that we lost 24 hours worth of posts, are there any other issues I should be aware of?
  11. Matt Holme

    SG Blogs

    Would love to see anyone on here do better...
  12. Matt Holme

    Top Score: The Introductory Issue (BLOG)

    Please take the time to read our latest blog and leave a comment.
  13. Matt Holme

    Bring back the old smilies!

    What did (Y) look like?
  14. Matt Holme

    Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released

    Tried the latest graphics card drivers off the net?
  15. Matt Holme

    Happy birthday Matt

    Cheers guys!
  16. Matt Holme

    Changing Of The Guard

    Once again, thanks everyone... very nice to read all these comments!
  17. Matt Holme

    Three cheers to Matt Holme

    Cheers guys, I appreciate it! Thanks for the support.
  18. Matt Holme

    Changing Of The Guard

    Like a lot of the guys on the FIFA team I will certainly be visiting the forums daily, but confidentiality agreements will mean I can no longer post here. I will still be posting here and there though (not regarding FIFA) up until I actually start in early June. Thank you for all the kind...
  19. Matt Holme

    Road To Dutch Glory 2004 Released

    Any news we post at goes on here too. So until we open a Euro site this will happen.
  20. Matt Holme

    Post Your Team's Kit Photos for Season 2004/05

    To ensure the accuracy of your team's kits in FIFA 2005, feel free to post photos of your team's new season kits in this thread. Post as many photos as you wish, with any text which can be used to describe the kits. This thread is purely for photos and new season kit references and not for...