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  1. saeedavril

    saeedavril's Themes

    Theme Liverpool ( careerhub,cmnews,mainhub,pausehub) + backgroundcareer background bootflowintro_MARKER.vp6 Download ( My Websait )
  2. saeedavril

    How To Convert Intro To VP6 Format

    how to convert intro vp6 format.... !? I used previous software for fifa 13 it doesn;t work !
  3. saeedavril

    Sa33davril FIFA 14 Faces

    AShkan dejagah ( beta 1 ) hi guys cm plz thnks :-) Facegen Belnder cm in Game
  4. saeedavril

    saeedavril Is A WAREZ PIRATE

    FHL-BH-Editor.exe : This Software needed Fifa 14's Registry path for executing ! but fifa 14 doesn't have a Registy path ! and it shows up Stop Working Error ( on win 8 64 bit) What should I do ? Pls help Thanks in Advance ! no work DB file : x:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\FIFA...
  5. saeedavril

    FIFA Crashing

    hi guys My Fifa is not installed and it just copied in the C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 13 before there was no problems not in executing Creation Master and not in Game Crear and ... before there was no problems not in executing Creation Master and not in Game Crear and ... I installed 1.6...
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    Bench Players Graphics

    made Nike benchplayers download : BENCHPLAYERS PATCH FIFA 13 liverpool ( by sdavril ) download : mediafire depositfiles
  7. saeedavril

    How To Add Tattoo IDs

    Hello evey one, I want to know how can i add new id for Tattoo in skintonecode because in db master maximum number is 16 and i cannot add more than these ids, but in FIFA 12 it was 256 !!! *I test it with FHL-DB and DB master 12 but neither did not work !! plz help....thnx my...
  8. saeedavril

    sa33dAvril Faces

    hi friends Ashkan Djagah Fifa 13 (update fifa 12, update tex & model 3d) in facegen: in blender: in cm12: in game: cover & Download ( comment plz ;-) thnx:)
  9. saeedavril

    Why Crash In Game FIFA 13

    plz help me guys.... :( I Active software editing with >>> FHL-BH-Editor.exe , Revolution Mod 13 , ModdingWayInstaller.... regenerate all bh-files with FHL-BH-Editor.exe when playing game in caraer ...time loading in game carash !!!! !!! :((( why !!!!!???? plz help me :((( file...
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    hi guys soccergaming hi my friends sry i cant edit model 3d & no time ashkan dejagah-fifa 11 tex download
  11. saeedavril

    saeed face(Only LIVERPOL)

    hi:md: face breno team:bayern munich link download :