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  1. krisaju95

    krisaju95's Miscellaneous Graphics Thread

    Don't know what types of graphics I'm gonna do here, but I just needed something other than faces to work on to keep things interesting. I'll start with a few Launcher themes and maybe even do Splash and Start screens in the near future. Thanks to MonkeyDragon for his templates. Feel free to...
  2. krisaju95

    Custom Youth Player Faces - Career Mode

    So we know that with the help of Revolution Mod, Internal Master and possibly CM16, we can assign specific faces (along with) other attributes to your career mode youth players. I have one face that I made for my career, I'll post it here later. I know a few others who've got custom "fantasy"...
  3. krisaju95

    A user has an issue activating his account

    A guy with the username kukohoangkim tried to activate his account but it's not working for some reason, he just messaged me externally and asked to help out. Could someone look into it as I am not aware of how this works.
  4. krisaju95

    How To Install Faces in FIFA16

  5. krisaju95

    How To Install Kits In FIFA 16

  6. krisaju95

    FIFA 16 Manager Faces

    I've tested the manager models and textures from last year and they are still compatible with FIFA16, so let's create and collect all the manager faces here in this thread.
  7. krisaju95

    FIFA 16 FUT: General Discussions Lounge

    So I felt this community has been going a bit dry recently, and needs some more activity. Use this thread to post your opinions, issues, acheivements in this year's FUT. If you want to add friends on Origin, go ahead, post your ID here. If you want to let people know what players you have put up...
  8. krisaju95

    How about a new UI for SG

    Just considering whether we should change up the colour theme of the forum? What do the moderators think? AmaroWaade made this logo for the site. Maybe a change in UI would be cool. Something fresh, new, might attract more people. Just an opinion of course. Here's the logo AmaroWaade...
  9. krisaju95

    WWT FIFA Mods YouTube Channel / Website Updates

    Started a YouTube channel a couple of months ago. Hope to see some support from the community :) LJslMYv7zeE
  10. krisaju95

    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    Hope to be back soon. Haven't got the demo yet so it'll take a while for me to get started. Let me know which faces are really needed and haven't been made in FIFA15. Assuming there should be a converter sooner or later.
  11. krisaju95

    Faces Related Questions and Answers Thread - FAQ's

    Any questions or how-to-do explanations should be discussed in this thread and not in individual editors/modders threads. Frequently Asked Questions • How do you install faces? / I installed faces but they don't appear ingame, why? First ensure that you have Revolution Mod installed...
  12. krisaju95

    Photos For Face Makers Thread

    Post HQ photos here. Thumbnails and links ONLY!
  13. krisaju95

    Base Model Suggestions Thread

    Suggestions for base head and hair models.
  14. krisaju95

    FIFA 16 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    Tutorials, tools and general discussions. All queries that are posted here must be about the tutorials or the tools only. No requests or random questions about the game. RegularCat's HOW TO Thread Resources:
  15. krisaju95

    Face(s) Request Thread

    Post all your requests here. No requests are allowed in individual face-makers threads unless they have permitted to do so. Face-makers are encouraged to keep a "Requests Allowed" message in the first post to notify readers. If a face-maker has not mentioned whether he accepts requests or not...
  16. krisaju95

    FIFA 16 Faces - Download Archive (No Comments/Links Only)

    Download Links Only. All other posts will be deleted. Requests for new mirrors will be allowed.
  17. krisaju95

    FUT15 : End Of Match Disconnection Bug

    I've noticed recently that after playing FUT matches, there's a high tendency for an error report "...unable to complete your request, Please try again later..." followed by disconnection from FUT, and a forfeited match irrespective of your actual result. This happens after the final whistle...
  18. krisaju95

    FIFA 15 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    This thread will serve the same purpose as the one we had last year for FIFA15. Please limit your Discussions for tools, tutorials, editing software bugs and anything else related to FIFA Faces modding. If you have volunteered to make video tutorials to help more people learn how to make faces...
  19. krisaju95

    krisaju95's Faces

    Our Face-Making team: aNuKe AmaroWaade DizzeeSpellz krisaju95 xyrho_44 KrisDzung276 aurion17 vojasrbin anasie10 M4rsattack Our website: CLICK HERE INDEX
  20. krisaju95

    Arsenal Puma Kits 14/15

    Moderators may delete this thread. Sorry for the trouble