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  1. V.K

    Goalkeeper Gloves Collection & Identification

    Hi guys! As some of you may know, I've recently got into goalkeeper gloves in an attempt to collect all gloves ever made for FIFA16/14 format into one single library/encyclopedia that would also work automatically with each respective season/tournament in Classic Patch 16/14, just like I have...
  2. V.K

    Search function, user's threads amd captcha when entering the site

    Is it just me or the site isn't working properly the last couple of days? 1. Can't search for anything, there's always an error message. 2. Can't view user's threads/content, there's always an error message. 3. Every 15 minutes or so I need to prove I'm still human and click on some bus pictures
  3. V.K

    Antivirus unhappy with this website recently

    Hey @Chuny and mods! Kaspersky antivirus has started blocking suspicious links and files recenthy when I visit the website, several of them every time. Maybe you could take a look?
  4. V.K

    Alternative History 2010-2020 Career Mod

    Hello everybody. First of all, this is just an idea of a mod I've had on my mind for a very long time. Decided to share it to maybe find other people interested in such a mod or just hear opinions. Maybe someone becomes interested enough to collaborate in creating it either for FIFA16 or FIFA14...
  5. V.K

    World Cup 2018 National Songs & Chants

    Hi guys! I'm currently travelling between World Cup cities and enjoying this amazing tournament. They say each team has their own song which plays before the game and after goals. If you can help identify your (or any other) team song , I'd really appreciate it! National songs identified so...
  6. V.K

    Sputnik Automated Bootpack for Classic Patch 14 by VK

    OPUS MAGNUM SPUTNIK AUTOMATED BOOTPACK V3 FOR CLASSIC PATCH 14 Like the first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik 1, this bootpack will guide you through the years 1994-2020 with the most era appropriate boots being used automatically. Credits: Scouser for making this possible; Alex10...
  7. V.K

    2004-05 Mod for Classic Patch

    2004-05 MOD Installation: Clean FIFA + Classic Patch + 2004-05 Mod So far this mod includes the following teams from the season of 2004-05: Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Manchester United Barcelona Real Madrid Juventus Milan Beta screenshots: Credits: Rinaldo - CM; Giggiriva and...
  8. V.K

    Reassigning A Stadium To Another ID

    Hello everyone. I have a little problem here. I've downloaded several stadiums from our forums and I would like to use them as teams' default home stadiums (e.g. Artemio Franchi replaces Town Park, but Fiorentina's default stadium is not Town park, BayArena replaces O Dromo, but Bayer's...
  9. V.K

    Custom Miniface For Virtual Pro?

    I have a photo imported into a file inside data\ui\imgAssets\heads folder and I've regenerated. Doesn't work. Is it at all possible?
  10. V.K

    Editing Your Virtual Pro

    Hi. I find Player Career Mode rather enjoyable. And to make it even better, I'd like to ask some questions and share my knowledge as to what I've managed to edit so far. First of all, before you start editing, your Virtual Pro's ID is 30999. I strongly recommend that you take a good...
  11. V.K

    FIFA 15 Icon Not Active In Origin

    This fifa 15 is such a pain. It just won't start. Help, please!
  12. V.K

    VK's 16 Graphics

    Reserved for index
  13. V.K

    FIFA 15 Won't Start

    From time to time I get this after pressing 'play': "EA Sports FIFA 15 has ceased working. Widnows is trying to find a way to fix it" And then, this: "EA Sports FIFA 15 is not working" Any help, please?
  14. V.K

    FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Hey there everyone. I've always wondered why didn't SG forums have a thread for FUT. I only use players that I like, that have good faces ingame and I don't build OP squads (Benteke, Ibarbo), nor do I ever put let's say TOTS Ibrahimovic with 0 chemistry just for the sake of it. In FUT14 the...
  15. V.K

    2014 FIFA World Cup Kitpack Project

    WC kits can be easily found in kits section (Emiliano Videla's pack, official EA ones, etc) But here's the idea: We post our countries (or any other team) RAR-archives with totally correct lua, kitnumbers, jerseyfonts files. When all the teams are done, we have a perfect full WC kitpack...
  16. V.K

    [HELP] ESPN Graphics For All Matches

    Does anyone know a way to apply the ESPN graphics used in MLS to all leagues? Last year it was possible.
  17. V.K

    Goal Net Glitch

    Does anyone else face this issue? The net is white ingame, black during the replay and glitching from black to grey during instant user replays. Is there a solution?
  18. V.K

    Trademark Celebrations

    Some players in FIFA have their default trademark celebrations that you can't perform with any other players. Have seen any? I bet there are more. So far I've seen three trademark celebrations: Ronaldinho, Lisandro Lopez, Oscar.
  19. V.K

    FIFA 13 Graphics by VK

    Hello and welcome to VK's FIFA 13 graphics thread. Same stuff as usual, correcting EA's bloopers and bringing better atmosphere and realism to the game. This year we start with Tottenham Hotspur and their new kit supplier Under Armour. And thank God EA didn't spoil the new stadium with numerous...
  20. V.K

    Is there a way to remove pre-match "flashforwards"?

    They are very unrealistic and annoying. Maybe there are some lines in lua files that might help?