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    Yeah mods. Sorry for always having a big sig but I can't check the size on a mac computer. So i asssumed that when someone made a sig for you it would be under the size limit.
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    out of all the positions which do u guys think have the worst players ? i 'd go with Rb. the best right back in the world is puyol and he dosen't even play right back !
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    Apple problem

    hey guys how do i put in the link for a sig on a apple computer if i can't right click to find it ??
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    The England National team thread

    THE ENGLISH NATIONAL TEAM ENGLAND World Cup 2006 Thread World Cup Squad (changes can be made till 24 hours before the 1st game - incase one of the 23 gets injuried and is not able to take part in the competition)...
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    Holland Roster

    i am going to transfer all of the dutch players to a club team and play with them as holland. can someone give me a 23 man roster??
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    my sig

    can someone please make me a sig of beckham zidane and the real madrid logo in the middle ??
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    what is going to happen next year with Cisse morientes baros will they start all 3 ? i don't think so cisse might be benched