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    Need help on an idea for two scarecrows

    So my posh village holds a competition every year for people to build scarecrows. Thousands of people then desend on it and get hammered while looking at scarecrows. It's better than it sounds. Anyhoo, theme this year is "Icons from History" any ideas what I could do? E.g. Hitler and Eva. I'm...
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    Best way to access SG from a phone?

    Anyone got a way of using SG that doesn't involve a browser just using the desktop version? Feel like I'm typing for ants at the minute. Is there an app? Also hi all, its been a while.
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    Blowing all your budget in one fell swoop

    Just started a game on FM2014 as Liverpool, pretty much just blown my entire budget on bringing Will Hughes in from Derby. Anyone else enjoy putting all their eggs in one basket just for the laugh?
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    Who do you think is the most overated player in your team at the minute?

    I'm gonna go with Joe Allen. Yeah he knows how to pass a ball, and he can keep possession, but how many of this passes actually... do something? Think he needs a few more assists before we all start referring to him as a god. Thoughts?
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    If you could have anyone as president of earth, who would it be?

    And vice-president. Give reasons, explain and discuss (20 marks)
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    Does anyone still do graphics here? Need a few logos doing

    Need a few logos doing, for free, all you get in return is... lots of reputation ... a custom title. And i might draw you a picture on MSPaint as a thank you. If you're interested then just post in here and I'll PM you details. It isn't very interesting, but it won't exactly take you long.
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    We just hit 3 million posts!

    Check the right hand side on the frontpage, 3 million posts ranging back over a decade! Wow, and what a decade we've had. Give yourselves a pat on the back and help yourself to some postboosting in this thread; it's on me.
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    Guise everyone needs to positive rep me!

    There is NEW VIRUS rapidly affecting computers on the internet. This new virus is insidious, in that it transmitted as a USENET message. Usenet is the "news group" area on the internet that users can openly discuss and exchange information on a wide variety of topics. What makes this virus...
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    Tom(TROD233reloaded) faces

    Apologies for low quality of the image, can't figure how to resize. Having quite a few problems with hair, it's fairly hard to do using MS Paint, doing each pixel at a time takes quite a long time. Anyone got any better programs out there? I've got MGI Photosuite 3 but it crashes a lot. Had...
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    Wanking on foreign territory (sponsored by ChelseaFan88)

    In honour of the most amazing thread (I think it was even voted that once) in all of SG history, I proudly present the 'Wanking on foreign territory (sponsored by ChelseaFan88)' sequel. Quite simply, how do you feel about it. Yes/No/Maybe? Note - IF you don't know what I'm talking about, then...
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    What is the most womanly thing you do

    Yes I know that's a sexist title, but let's be honest, I doubt there's even one regular female user on these forums. So what I want to know is, what is the most girly, womanly thing you do. Me: I ******* love candles, I can't get enough of them, they save me **** loads of electricity, due to...
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    So SG, what's everyone doing for Christmas?

    I'm going back home to the parents, can't resist home-cooked food and free alcohol. That and my family are pretty cool to be honest. Anyone doing anything interesting? I bet Sir_Didier_Drogba is.
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    So, is anyone actually using Google+ ?

    I'm not trying to 'link' up here, I was just wondering if anyone actually uses it? It appears to be going the same way as Google Buzz and Wave. Thoughts?
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    So then

    So then guys, what do we all reckon to FIFA 12 now that it's been out a while? Personally I've found legendary much harder than '11 due to the crazyness of how hard it is to properly use tactical defending. Good fun though. Found the impact engine to be very clever, and the new close-dribble...
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    How is everyone nowadays? Still being sexy I hope?
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    Content-aware-fill (******* amazing)

    No this doesn't belong in the Hardware/Software forum, it's far too awesome for that. So i downloaded CS5 today to check out the new content-aware fill option, this was my first attempt. One click AFTER BEFORE How amazing is that!? (and lazy). Tom (Not in anyway working for...
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    Help me build my PC

    Hey ho guys, wondered if i could acquire your help. I'm building another PC in about a months time and i'm still **** at picking parts, basically i have about £600 to spend on the PC, no monitor needed. I can probably swap over my HDD as it isnt very old and it's quite big, apart from that...
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    Music on game

    Alright ladies, just wondered if anyone knew if you can put your own music onto FIFA 10 for the PS3? Managed to do it easily with PES2009 but not sure if you can do it with FIFA. Any ideas?
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    I'm sure i'm massively behind here but...

    Kanye West is a dickhead. Discuss.
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    So then...

    Football Manager 2009 is out. Who has it, and what's it like? First Impressions? Any different from the demo? For once i've not decided to buy it this year, what with the recession and the like here in the UK. (H)