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    EPL Thread

    Thought I would start one since were using the Arsenal-Fulham thread as one
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    Rio Ferdinand FTW

    haha sorry if this is old only saw it now, but its like Punk'd, but Rio is the one who gets his soccer teammates, go here and you could see many i reccomend to watch the Rooney one, Rooney almost in Tears of what happens, and A.Cole gets freakin owned...
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    Atlético Agree €19m Simão Deal

    Damn.. Nani, Anderson, Pepe, Simao, all great players getting bought out of our league
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    Goal 2 Trailer looks pretty interesting, this is a 3 part series so there will be a part 3 some time next year i guess?
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    Toronto FC To Host Benfica,Villa??

    Wow, even though benfica wont bring the full squad it would be great, to bad i gotta wake up so early to get tickets on a saturday TFC Announces Two International Matches May 7, 2007 (RELEASE) - Toronto FC announced Monday, that two world-renowned football clubs will be making their...
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    Luca Toni To Bayern

    i cant undestand this move, he should have joined Milan
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    Robben's Face?

    everytime i play Chelsea, or play with chelsea and they do a close up on Robben his face.. looks like theres blood coming from his nose and he got beat up.. is it just my game or anyone else got this lol
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    selling players?

    is it just me or when ever you put a big name player (rooney, ferdinand, ronaldo, villa, ronaldinho etc..) its always arsenal or liverpool bidding for them no body else, anyone else have this? i rember my first season in man u when i put ferdinand, giggs, rooney, scholes for sale only arsenal...
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    Portugal Sig Request

    hey guys i was wondering if one of you could make me a sig with Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Quaresma, i would like the text to say "The Future Looks Bright" and maybe add the portugal crest somewhere if it fits. please and thanks!! Here are some pics
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    Question on the Jan Transfer Window

    does anyone know where i can find a list of all the transfers that happened in the january window? please and thanks
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    Cannavaro Wins Golden Ball!

    Cannavaro Wins Golden Ball! Fabio Cannavaro has won the Golden Ball, this according to a insider. zoom - galleria Fabio Cannavaro, whose official web site is powered by, will be named the winner of the Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or) as Europe's top footballer. The...
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    Must see...greatest commentator ever

    i am sorry if this was already posted but i saw it today and cant stop watching it, basically a commentator makes up a song with the players name who just scored in this years Manchester vs liverpool game :rockman: :hail:
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    Stadiums I Made

    hey me and my buddie have been working on these for like 3 days, nothing special made on Paint BTW, so comments please
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    Ribery Determined To Leave Marseille

    PARIS (AFP) - French World Cup star Franck Ribery said that he was determined to leave Marseille, dealing a devastating blow to the club's management on the eve of the new season. In his most forthright comments to date concerning his future, Ribery said he wanted to join a club that could...
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    portugal world cup

    pics (any of these players/coach are fine just please use the most you can in the sig) scolari, ronaldo, carvalho, figo, deco, jorge andrade then can you please put the pic of a world cup or the logo or something and then write "one dream" take as long as you want im not in a hurry thank...
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    Greatest Goal.... Ever

    [url] someone get on the phone and call her agent :fool:
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    Sig Request Please

    may i please have a sig of either one of these players in a portugal uniform and can you add the logo somewhere thanks Cristiano Ronaldo Deco Ricardo Carvalho which ever is easier for you guys to make thank you, appreciate it
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    Some Of My Work

    not the greatest, this is when i had photoshop (30 day trial) during the summer, most of these were requested or for battles Adriano: Boa Morte: Brazil: C.Ronaldo: Cisse: Miklos Feher RIP: Robinho: Ronaldinho: *Made This On Paint* (font from PS though)
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    were can i get something like this?

    i know i dont got 100 posts but this is not a request i see some people with this in there signature or a chelsea one or italy etc... so im asking if there a site where i can get one of portugal or benfica? thx