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    Champions League Final: FC Barcelona - Manchester United [P+R]

    FC Barcelona - Manchester United UEFA Champions League Final May 28, 2011 20:45 CET Never too early to start wildly speculating about the result, right?
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    Los Clásicos: Real Madrid vs Barcelona [P+R]

    April 16 - 4:00 PM ET La Liga Estadio Santiago Bernabéu April 20 - 3:30 PM ET Copa del Rey Final Estadio Mestalla April 27 - 2:45 PM ET Champions League Estadio Santiago Bernabéu May 3 - 2:45 PM ET Champions League Camp Nou Let the sh*tstorm begin.
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    Stop hitting yourself

    This might be worse than any dive ever taken. pIGXAX4wrRE
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    WC 2010 QF: Paraguay vs Spain [P + R]

    Well, the most lopsided of the matchups on paper, but Paraguay has said up front that they plan to play defensively and use fouls to disrupt the Spanish passing game. I expect this to be a dirty, low scoring affair given Paraguay's strategy. 1-0 Spain, Iniesta I hope Del Bosque scraps the...
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    Champions League Final: Bayern - Inter [P+R]

    I don't feel like making a fancy first post, but there was no thread for this with the final only a couple of days away, so I thought I'd start one. I predict a 1-0 win for Inter or a 0-0 match ending in PK's.
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    World Cup Injury Watch

    Well, we're at that point in the season where major injuries could be devastating with the World Cup on the horizon. We've already had some players who are definitely missing the WC (Bosingwa, Owen, Anderson) and others who are likely to miss the WC due to injury (Cole, Pepe). I've gotta...
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    La Liga 2009/2010

    Here goes nothing. La Liga threads have historically been a failure, but with all of the new faces on the SG forums, I thought maybe it was worth another try. It would be nice to discuss what I consider to be the best league in the world outside of just the Real Madrid and Barca threads. I...
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    Barca, best team of all time

    Today Barcelona became the first team ever to win six tournaments in a year, making them the best team in football history by trophy count. Anglophiles, debate.
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    Worst. Cheating. Ever.

    Match fixing so bad, you have to see it. As I understand it, Viana and Moto were tied at the top of the table in some lower-tier Brazilian league. With both of the teams winning, Viana needed a landslide to be champions. They "miraculously" scored 9 goals in the final 9 minutes of the...
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    ESPN will broadcast La Liga, Premier League in the US

    Great news for those of us in the US. Beginning this season, ESPN2 will be broadcasting a Premier League match on Saturdays and a La Liga match on Sundays. La Liga: - About 20 live matches - At least 95 league matches on ESPN Deportes - At least 114 league matches on ESPN 360 - Will also have...
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    What's going to happen this season? [P]

    Since some leagues are already beginning and others will begin shortly, I thought it would be a good time to predict and discuss how things will look in May. I've limited this to major competitions, but feel free to discuss others. I've left the code off so that you can copy paste this format...
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    2009 FIFA Confederations Cup [P+R]

    Sorry, repost. Go to the original, better thread here:
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    Champions, Europe, and Relegation Thread [P]

    If I may be so bold, I thought it would be fun to open up a thread for predicting/debating/bitching about who will win each league, who will qualify for Europe, and who will be relegated. There hasn't been a thread like this for a while and they used to be a lot of fun. I'm going to limit my...
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    08/09 Champions League - First Knockout Round [P+R]

    I thought it was pretty weak that only one CL game thread was created so far, so I thought a general CL thread for the round might generate more discussion. Today: Lyon 1 - 1 Barcelona Inter 0 - 0 Man U Arsenal 1 - 0 Roma Atletico 2 - 2 Porto Tomorrow: Madrid - Liverpool Chelsea -...
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    70 Argentinian fans hijack buses to get to match BUENOS AIRES, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Fans of an Argentine second division club hijacked two public buses and ordered the drivers to take them to their team's game, police said on Friday. Police official Carlos Durante said...
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    Spain vs Italy [P+R+Why Italy Will Win]

    Disclaimer: Much of this post is biased and meant to be in good humor and should not be taken very seriously... and yes I was quite bored when I wrote this. The perpetual underachievers vs the luckiest sons of b*tches alive. Probable lineups (barring further injuries or suspensions...
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    Group D: Sweden vs. Spain [R]

    Didn't see a thread for this yet.... 1-1 HT. Goals by Torres and Ibrahimovic Spain dominated the first twenty minutes or so of the match until Puyol left injured. Now we've lost posession of the ball and seem to be resorting to long balls. For the second match in a row, Sergio Ramos...
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    Brilliant New Nike Ad

    Go to and watch "Take it to the next level." Sensational! Here's youtube... lower quality though anwlpTgbQTE
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    Easy Rule Change

    Why is it still legal to make substitutions in the 89th minute when the purpose is clearly to waste time? This seems to me like an extremely easy thing to fix; just make a rule that you can't make substitutions after 80 or 85 minutes. I'm sick of these shenanigans where the game stops, a...
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    Kanouté Named Best African Player of 2007 I am shocked that Kanoute won... not because he didn't deserve it (he did), but because Drogba plays for a more prestigious club. Congratulations to Kanouté... he has played his heart out for Sevilla. When he's not scoring goals...