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    special hair

    i have a problem with my game, i see tutorials to create a player in game but they say special hair 158, but in my game i only have special hairs up to 36 i think, i doesn't go higher than 40 i know that, is there a reason why i don't have the rest of the hairs? please help... Thanks
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    How to?

    does anyone know how to change the number of players in the pitch? i changed the size of the pitch, but i need to change the number of the players in the pitch...please, can someone help me...and, how can you change the cameras and stuff like that....thank you in advance
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    affiliated club

    hey...i'm America from mexico and i want to have a "parent club" but it doesn't give me the can i have one? thanks
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    my sig

    look at my says "Unauthorized Graphics Use" but i dont know why...i made does images except for the benfica one :S this is the sig i had...
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    how do i make a co-ownership offer? i tried but the option is unavailable, please :D
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    how to?

    i downloaded some face packs from, but they dont have a readme...and the ones i downloaded are "Talents Facepack", "FMProspects 1, 2, 3", "Chivas" and "Veracruz" and i put them in the players folder in graphics but they dont work in the game...please help!!
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    My sigs - Waxo

    Here i'll put some of my first "good" sigs in my opinion :P Gudjohnsen - Fabregas - Messi - Personally i like fabregas and gudjohnsen, i dont really like Messi's one :P Please comments :lui:
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    i would love if one of you guys could check if Carlos Vela and Villaluz are in FM 2006....i dont have the game yet...please
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    Req] New adidas Nat. Teams kits

    Does anyone has the new adidas uniforms for the national teams? like france, germany, spain and argentina, and japan?...for PES4 i can't find them even on evo-web or if there is a patch that includes all this kits for PES4? PLEASE!!
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    [Req] Cesc Fabregas & Lionel Messi Sig

    Can someone please make me a sig with Francesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi please! Here some pics u can use.... Fabregas... Messi... If you could put Waxo as the nick :D... THANKS A LOT!!
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    Waxo's Faces

    here i'll put all the faces i make... Pique (Preview) Gennaro Ivan Gatusso (Preview)
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    Here is a face I made for Genaro Ivan Gatusso... Any comments (GOOD OR BAD!) are welcome!
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    My Faces...

    Here i'll post the 2 faces i've made :D Rafael Marquez (Barcelona) Lionel Messi Comments??
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    Req - Real Madrid Font

    does anyone has Real Madrid new font? please...if someone has it post it here or send it to [email protected] I cannot enter to EVOWEB and no one has posted the font here in SG :D
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    any way to..?

    is there a way to add a league to a already started carrer?....or to get a contract with a team of a league not registered?..please i need help
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    Alan Smith Face and Hair

    this is the face i made for Alan Smith... I also made the hair
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    Req - Chelsea kit pack

    I've search and i cannot enter to evo-web.. does someone has a good pack of kits for chelsea?...home, away and keeper? and a good keeper kit for barcelona plz :D thanks in advance
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    My try on...

    This is my try on Ryan Giggs... Ryan Giggs... Ingame...
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    Reinaldo Navia

    He is a 3 goals per match forward....he is awsome...just try him...
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    help!...hello, i have 2 users in my game, one is the national team coach and the other is America (MEX) coach, all was going right, but suddenly today when a America (MEX) game is going to be played and i click on go to match it sends me to windows :S...please...i need help!! :boohoo: