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    FIFA 16 Legends

    I have fifa 16 legend faces from xbox 360 file. It already unpacked by Wujek. But it seems not working. Can someone have a look and converted to use in PC? Thank you !
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    Legend Faces

    I have made some legend faces, some convert from previous fifa,some i just made,im learning so faces are not so good,but i think i would share with someone who love legend player like me :) Here are some preview : Maradona : Can someone suggest better hair ? i dont know how to make hair, so...
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    CPU vs CPU In Career Mode

    Hello guys ! Is anyone here can make CPU vs CPU in Career mode like in kick off by switching the controller to the middle ? I just want to watch my team playing some games that i dont want to see the boring sim match or i just build the team and play as a coach same as previous pes or 2k15...
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    FIFA 15 Xbox Exclusive Legends Faces

    Hi everyone ! i make this thread just like last year barcafan11 did. I was looking for xbox 360 big file. Can someone in this forum share fifa 15 patch.big file or legends.big file on xbox 360 in this thread, so i can take all the legends faces since we cant use fifa 14 faces any more. OR...