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  1. ovide

    help with referee

    why happen this? @moldoioan @RobbieD_PL @V.K
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    Classic Mod 15 by Ovide

    Hello guys I have converted the classic patch 14 national teams version for fifa 15 BETA VERSION Characteristics -world cup from 1930 - 2018 -euro cup from 1960 - 2016 -confederations cup from 1992 - 2017 stadiums for 1930 1934 1938 1950 1954 1958 1960 1962 1964 1966 1968 1970 1972 1974 1976...
  3. ovide

    fifa 15 screen gets frozen

    fifa 15 is screen gets frozen, only the sound keeps playing but when I change to other screen the game crash. at the beggining I thought it was due to I use fifa 16 hair 3d model and textures but other users told me that the files are compatible. im using a mix of fabrizzio and robiie mod of...
  4. ovide

    players become insisible

    I have a problem and the players become invisible. they appear in cm, and in the game in the edit player section but in the game the players are invisible (4 of the 11 players) any suggestion
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    fifa 19 balls to fifa 14
  6. ovide

    fifa 19 balls to fifa 14

    hello guys here I have all balls from fifa 19 to fifa 14, just rename the textures for the id you want
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    Hello guys, it´s me again. as ariel said posible no more moddingway so I did it again I updated the last update of moddingway. -full carreer mode working -db updated with rosters up to 22-10-18 -kits converted from fifa 19 by @scouser09 -graphics theme by fabix72 -new uefa balls and...
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    Ovide´s minikits 2.0

    new version of the minikits I do requests INDEX 1930 World Cup Part 1 Part 2 1934 World Cup 1938 World Cup Part 2 1950 World Cup Part 2 1954 World Cup part 2 1958 World Cup 1960 Euro Cup 1962 World Cup 1964 Euro Cup 1966 World Cup 1968 Euro Cup 1970 World Cup 1972 Euro Cup 1974 World Cup 1976...
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    National Teams Mod by Ovide

    All-in-one 2021
  10. ovide

    2018 world cup kitnumbers

    hello everyone, I´m converting kitnumbers for 2018 world cup kits from @Wallcowicky
  11. ovide

    ovide´s continental cups

    hello everyone this is maybe the greatest work I´ll try to do for those who still are playing fifa 14 and try to keep it alive. ths patch wil feature -complete uefa champions league from round 1 to final -complete caf champions league -complete afc champions league -complete concacaf...
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    ovide´s intros

    hello, I´m making intros for fifa 14
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    hello everyone, can someone send me the overlays of fifa 16 please
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    ovide´s benchplayers

    hello everyone I´m adapting tracksuits to benchplayer in fifa 14
  15. ovide

    ovide´s minikits

    hello everyone , I can make minis for fifa 15 and 16
  16. ovide

    tournament crash

    hello everyone I have created a fantasy world cup qualifiers, I erase everything in dlc files, create a OFC world cup qualifier and cm read it , but when I load the game and go to the new tournamen section the game crash, please someone help me