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    Leagues pack 15

    Pack of many leagues in cmp format for FIFA 15, extracted from many 'big' patches. If anyone has Romanian league, let me know, please! Download: (extracted) CONTENT (in alphabetical order): From BHT15 patch by...
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    Quick Editor importing bug

    Hello. Why I can't import any league/team from Transfermarkt via QuickEditor?
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    Error while opening CM: Fail to convert object types

    Hello. I got that error while opening CM. 'Could not convert FifaLibrary.Group type object to the FifaLibrary.Trophy type object. Can anybody help me? Thanks.
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    Leagues Pack

    Pack of many leagues in cmp format for FIFA 14, extracted from many 'big' patches. Download: CONTENT (in alphabetical order): From BFL14 patch (Bulgaria): - A Group 13/14 - B Group 13/14 From Black African Patch by Celtian (Africa): -...
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    Multi Tournament/Manager Mode League Addition

    Hi to all. As we all know, there are a problem with adding new leagues in TM/MM - there is a quantity of leagues limit. Shortly saying, you must exchange the new league to one of the default existing ones. So, if you're addin 5 leagues, you must to exchange 5 default ones, and so on. The same...
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    MiniCEP 14 Patch

    Hi guys, I'm Serhiy from Ukraine. I decided to make MiniCEP patch which contains 144 strongest teams from all 37 UEFA countries not included in the original FIFA game. The teams list: (completed via voting in the neighbor thread) Technical issues: 1. There will be 2 versions: for...
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    Tournaments crashing after using CM14

    Hi to all, I made Belarus Premier League with tournament for it in May. All was well. I decided to continue making this patch last month. So, I created the Belarus First League and 4 teams from 2nd league (put theim into the ROtW). And now, when I go to the game -> More -> Custom/New...
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    Mini CEP 14 Patch (Voting)

    Voting status: closed VACANCIES AVAILABLE: 0/7 Hi, guys. I'm Serhiy from Ukraine. I played with patches before, but this spring I decided to make my own patches - 3 ones for a start. The first is Belarusian League (done, it's foundble there in SGF; will be updated), the second is Nordic Patch...
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    Belarus League

    Hi to all, I'm from Ukraine, I played FIFA a lot, and there the moment when I decided to make my own patch has come. So, This is my first patch - Belarusian League-2014! Features: - 12 teams from the Highest League - Belarusian Cup - Works in Tournament Mode - Belarusian NT - Rosters up to date...
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    Faroese (Maybe Nordic) Patch

    (written on 02.08 & 22.08) EFFODEIDLIN - download here: PEPSIDEILDIN - download here: ------------------------------------------------ (written on 26.06) Hi to all, there's thread...
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    Looking for facemakers!

    Hi to all, I'm Serhiy, I'm from Ukraine. I used many fifa patches and I've decided to create my own one. But I'm very hard in creating faces. Can anybody help me? I plan to use nearly 120 faces, maybe less. So, if there is anybody who can create faces, please write below in the comments. I...
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    Looking for kitmakers!

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    Ukrainian Premier & First League

    This patch was created in Adds: — Ukrainian Premier League (18 teams) — Ukrainian First League (18 teams) — Ukrainian Cup — Relegations & promotions — Qualifying to the Champions League & Europa League — New kits, faces etc — 8 stadiums from Euro 2012 + Dnepr Arena...