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  1. AndreaPirlo21

    FIFA Futsal 16

    -==========================================- -================ FIFA Freestyle 16 ==============- -==========================================- ----<[Requirements]>---- - FIFA 16 exe product version 16.0.2904053, last updated July 6, 2016 (any other version will not work with this mod, and I...
  2. AndreaPirlo21

    FIFA Renaissance 2015: Global Gameplay Package With Specific Addons

    Hello everyone, it's that time of year again -- editing season! And what better way to start than to build off of the solid foundation that is FIFA 15. Listed below are my primary objectives for this year's game and maybe a digression or two to explore other possibilities. THIS THREAD IS OPEN TO...
  3. AndreaPirlo21

    Forum Rules

    English is the only language accepted. If you choose to post in your native language, an English translation must be added beneath. First time violators will get a warning through a post or PM. All further violations will result in infractions or cards. Please treat each other with respect...
  4. AndreaPirlo21

    [MOD] FIFA Immersion Gameplay '14 by AndreaPirlo21

    Hi All, It's time to start a new editing season. This year, gameplay wise, there are more possibilities to get the FIFA series closer to real life simulation. Better marking and momentum are already implemented by default, so augmenting these categories is a whole lot easier. Also, as a bigger...
  5. AndreaPirlo21

    New Username Titles

    Who thinks that we need a new set of username titles every once in a while? I know we recently had a change, but this thread is for ideas for the future. Here is what I have got(not everything is new): Post Count: 0-99 - Youth Prospect 100-199 - Reserve Squad 200-399 - Substitute 400-749 -...
  6. AndreaPirlo21

    Small Fielded Games

    Hi All, If you are like me and you don't have a 360 or a PS3, and you really wanted to play FIFA Street 4, then this project will be for you. What I intend to do is create a short field game. Even though it might not be able to be done, certain aspects are obtainable. Here is what can be...
  7. AndreaPirlo21

    Community Discussion: How To Improve FIFA 13

    Reserved for ideas on how to improve this year's game.
  8. AndreaPirlo21

    [FIFA Immersion Gameplay '13]

    Hi everyone, This will be the thread for developments in my new gameplay patch for FIFA 13. [DB NOTES] My versions will come in two ways: 1. individual tables which you can import into your personal database. (For example, let's say you wanted only the formations table in my patch, then you...
  9. AndreaPirlo21

    Immersion Gameplay: Football for Real

    Hello to all, Today I would like to present to you a new Gameplay mod for FIFA 12. This is my first mod, and I would like to receive feedback to make it better. Here are some features: Personalized players: Each player plays according to their special traits and statistics. Thus, CR7 shows...