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    Loaded out players

    edit: title should be LOANED out players (LOL) Just a quick question Every season I loan out several players and every season they make between 0 and maybe 10 apps. I'd say 50% of them make 0 apps, even if I loan out a 70+ rated player to a team like Tranmere or Gretna. This was the same...
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    Manual crosses / through passes (PC)

    OK is it just me or is this feature absolutely f-ed? Especially the manual crosses. Every time I cross it either goes over the byline or back into midfield (never into the box where I'm aiming). Is this a controller issue (ps2 converter)? Is it a game difficulty issue (World Class). Or...
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    crash after edit career.ini

    Hey everyone I used Filemaster to extract career.ini, edited a few minor things, and then imported it back into config.dat I am now getting a crash when I try to run the game, "Fifa07.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error...
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    Max number of bids

    Hey everyone Is there a way to change max # of bids in the transfer window? I am familiar with filemaster, and I thought that changing max buys and max sells in the career.ini would do it, but it didnt - in the august transfer window its still at 3 bids. Any ideas? There has got to be a...
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    Champions League in FIFA07

    This may be a stupid question, but why is there no group standings for the CL in FIFA07? All it shows is the round # and the fixtures. Gets kind of confusing and annoying running through 10 pages of fixtures, plus its hard to keep track of the other groups. I am using the CEP too if that...
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    ridiculously uneven fatigue

    Hey everyone I recently switched up a difficulty level and when I did, I noticed right away that the fatigue levels (in manager mode) are absurdly uneven. I have played 3 games, used 3 subs in each game, and every single player save the goalkeepers are in the mid to low yellow level. Each...
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    Fixtures & Results for TOURNAMENT mode (PC)

    Now is it just me, or is there no way whatsoever to view fixtures and results in Tournament mode (not career/manager mode). I rememeber Fifa2006 was like this but you could at least see the results, if not the match details. Am I blind or what? Im just playing a season of SPL to "warm up"...
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    Maybe I am a complete dunce here, but I am playing FIFA06 in tournament mode (not career mode) playing a season of Serie A, and there is no option to view fixtures/results, only standings.. Is this right? I have a Euro2008 going and you can view fixtures and results there.. what gives?
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    PC Rosters?

    Hey everyone I just got fifa06 and was wondering what the best way to update my rosters is? I tried searching the forum and found a few suggestions, but i'd like to know my best option TIA