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  1. Nickarg

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v1.4

    Alright, colors changed, here's the kit if needed :D
  2. Nickarg

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v1.4

    I'd like to report a little inaccuracy with the colors of 1950 Uruguay Home kit because it appears a bit greyish (here's a comparison with 1954 colors on the left) I'll try to fix that and upload the shorts, since the shirt is completely identical to the 1954 one so the same png can be used :)
  3. Nickarg

    2016 Copa América Centenario

    I really was looking forward to try it, such a shame that the links are down? :( Does someone by any chance still have the files? Maybe they can upload it on some other service/cloud
  4. Nickarg

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v1.4

    Awesome german kits! Can't wait to play the version when also clubs are introduced :D
  5. Nickarg


    Nice catch, thanks!
  6. Nickarg

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V5.2 (21/22 Edition)

    This really looks like the most complete patch for PC, am I correct? The amount of content is huge, congrats!
  7. Nickarg

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    Incredible job so far! I got to know your patch from the FIFA 16 version, and cannot wait to see all this fantastic content ported over! (Or maybe I'll be getting FIFA 14 aswell just to play this haha)
  8. Nickarg

    North American Soccer League History [1967-84] Patch Release

    Didn't know anything about NASL (except for Cosmos because of Pelè obv), it will be interesting to try this patch! Thanks for the effort :)
  9. Nickarg

    THE GROTENBURG Preview - The 94/95 Total Conversion! -

    Can't wait to try it; basically these nostalgic mods are the reason I bought FIFA 16 in 2022 lol
  10. Nickarg

    where to buy?

    I got mine on G2A and everything went OK; I know that they're known to be a little shady, but everywhere else it's still pretty expensive
  11. Nickarg

    Patch World Cup 2002 for Winning Eleven 2002 (again...)

    20 years later and this is still getting love, that's some awesome work right there!
  12. Nickarg

    CAF (African) National & Club Patch for FIFA 21/22

    As far as I know, newer entries of FIFA are coded differently so it's very hard to do mods that add lots of teams like we used to see in older FIFAs like 16 for example; that's the reason lots of mods simply replace teams rather than adding
  13. Nickarg

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v1.4

    Did you get the problem in more than a save? Because it happened to me the first time, but then I tried again and managed to play (both times with Brazil)
  14. Nickarg

    FIREBIRD 2022 [PES 6]

    Deserved treatment for such an immortal game. Awesome work! :D