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    Playing with manual settings......

    Well if your not playing with all but shooting on manual you should. it brings the game to life, it takes a bit of time to get use to but when you do it's fantastic, so much more like real football, with bad passing/crossing and having to run for a ball that was under or over passed, the type of...
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    English Prem

    Is there a English Prem patch for pes 5?????? if so what is it called
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    Desktop showoff

    i'm a bit bord at the mo so let's do a desktop showoff ALL WELCOME :ewan: PLEASE only use Thumbnail pics Here's mine !!!! It took me 2 weeks to make
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    dose anyone know how i can improve my FPS seems low to me cos it's a bit chopy now with out the ref Ect. (on High 1024 x 768) :)
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    Ball rev

    Where can i get ball rev for 06 or do i use the 2005 one??
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    Robbie Boys desktop

    Ok i think it's almost finished do you think it need some animation?? if so any idears??
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    after playing pes for 4 weeks

    well guys just played Fifa after playing Pes 4 for 4 weeks i think i will stay with Fifa with all it's flaws apart from the ball phisics i think the game plays well, Pes seems a bit sad playing season after season with no goals in mind like getting in to champions leigue,fa cup, leigue cup and...
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    kit making for PES4

    Where can i find Kit textures for PES4 ??
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    is there a demo expander for pes4 :)
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    Fifa fan

    Ok guys i'm a Fifa fan but looking in to WE8 can you tell me the Pro's and Con's of the game Please But be honest!!! :)
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    can u

    can you move a team to a lower league from prem to 3rd so you can start with them? some one please reply :)
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    question for Chau

    Do you think there is any way to change the kit's part of the prog so that we can import 1gk's and (2gk's without it changing the file size to 1g) because as we all know 2gk are much better and i would rather use CC to change stuff than raptors, it would be great just to have the one PROGRAM...
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    Is it true

    is it true that you can't import 2gk useing CC (thay change to the small file size)????????????????????????? :rolleyes:
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    Robbie Boy's 2G Kits

    Here is my first kit it still is a WIP, i need some help to finish it but!! any help will be great can't get the stiching right (it's so hard to get the right shape ??) Dose anyone have prem badge can't seem to find one :kader:
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    fav kit

    For me this is my fav KIT i've seen in jan :rockman: In game it looks amazing :rockman: Thanks O-car For great kit man :D
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    New game

    Do you think we will have to start with a fresh new game??? (I think we might):rolleyes:
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    nice goal

    how do post a replay so you can see this goal
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    Your view :D :) :(

    I hope this isen't to lame But ***WHAT ARE YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES ABOUT FIFA 2005*** And please give a grade out of *10* i just think it would be intresting to see what you think of the game Thanks :D :) :(
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    wish i haden't

    I spent all my POINTS on night stadiums and wish i haden't dose anyone know how i can undo this cos all the players shine in the lights and it looks nasty:kader: :kader:
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    help (2g kits)

    I Have a prob!! Here it is when i upgrade my kit's to 2g (Team & Ref) the game crashes post match (when it's loading)?? BUT if one fo the teams or the ref isen't in a 2g kit it's fine (NO PROB'S) Dose any one have the anser to this thing it's driving me crazy:crazyboy: any...