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    Kitserver 7 for PES2008: version 7.2.0

    For some reason, the faces don't appear ingame.
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    PES 2008 kitserver problem: goalkeeper kits

    I've installed one of the superpatches from proevolutionline. A few months later, I installed kitserver and I wanted to replace some teams by others. The problem is that ingame I keep getting the goalkeeper kits from the patch instead of the ones I installed with kitserver. Anyone can help me?
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    International dies in traggic car accident

    RIP François :( I'm still having trouble to believe we will never see him again.
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    Legends Patch Pes5 Pc

    You are nothing with just the option file. You have to patch your game as it is described in the readme or the default players will appear when you open the option file.
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    Legends Patch Pes5 Pc

    ok, thanks man :)
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    Legends Patch Pes5 Pc

    I've already tried that and everywhere I find the same old dead links.
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    Legends Patch Pes5 Pc

    All the links are down :( Someone re-upload this please
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    Evolution Patch 1.3 optionfile update----(updated to 28/7)

    Are the new Anderlecht kits included?
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    defender in offensive role on corners

    Is there a way to put my defenders in the penalty area when I take a corner?
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    Pogoss Faces

    pogoss, could you please make Finland's Hannu Tihinen?
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    Pogoss Faces

    ok pogoss, I understand :) by the way: where are you from?
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    Pogoss Faces

    pogoss, I don't know if you are very busy at the moment but there is a face I would love to see being made. I'm talking about Pär Zetterberg. He retired from football last season. He was Anderlecht's captain and an international from Sweden. In his career, he won 9 championship titles (6...
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    Pogoss Faces

    Tchite is also very well made. When will you release Tchite and Zitka?
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    Pogoss Faces

    it's perfect now :)
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    Pogoss Faces

    Nice, I really like the face :bob: But maybe I would make his skin a bit whiter :-)
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    Pogoss Faces

    Here you go :)
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    Pogoss Faces

    Really nices faces Pogoss! I was wondering if you could make Anderlecht's Daniel Zitka. He's been voted goalkeeper of the year 2006 in Belgium. PS: usually he doesn't have so much facial hair.
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    PES6:Kitserver & Smoothness of gameplay

    Are you sure it has something to do with the version of kitserver we are using? Could the amount of files in GDB also play its part?
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    Formation with a holding midfielder

    You can choose a 4-1-3-2 formation ingame.
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    Goalkeeper to take penalty kick...

    I think it's possible if you edit the database and put the goalkeeper's ID for the penalties and freekicks